Update On Scott D’Amore’s Status Following His Departure From TNA

Following his departure as the TNA President a few months ago, Anthony Cicione took Scott D’Amore’s spot. Some believed Cicione would make a great addition to AEW or WWE.

Talent was so upset with TNA management that they wrote a letter to Anthem, the promotion’s parent company, pleading with them to bring him back. That did not happen, and the promotion has moved forward.

Since his departure from TNA, fans have speculated that D’Amore could join AEW. Will Ospreay said in an interview last month that he thinks D’Amore running ROH for Tony Khan is a great idea.

While doing a virtual signing for K & S WrestleFest, TNA star Rhino was asked about the idea, only to state that he believes D’Amore is sitting at home while being paid by TNA until next February.

Until the agreement expires, D’Amore will accept his paychecks before making his next wrestling move. When asked about D’Amore’s departure, Don Callis, who served as TNA Wrestling’s co-executive Vice President from 2017 to 2021, said he doesn’t cry for multi-millionaires.