Update On When Darby Allin Is Expected To Return To AEW TV

Darby Allin broke his foot on AEW Dynamite during a match against Jay White, forcing him to postpone his trip to Mt. Everest. Darby was also hit by a bus this weekend.

During an interview with The Daly Migs Show, Darby was asked to appear on the May 15th episode of AEW Dynamite in Everett, Washington.

Allin said, “Unfortunately, my foot is not scheduled to heal until I’d say June. So if I did roll up, it would just be with a broken face and a broken foot waving to the crowd, which may not be the worst thing. I’ll see. I trained in Everett, Washington, so it would be like an ultimate homecoming of sorts. That’d be really cool. May 15, I gotta see… I think might be able to make it. As long as there’s no buses, I’m good.”

On his Mt. Everest trip being postponed.

“I was all excited. I was like, yeah, I’m gonna kick Mount Everest’s ass. This is gonna be awesome. Then two weeks before I was supposed to fly out, I broke my foot wrestling at the show. I broke my foot in the first minute of the match and I wrestled an extra 13 minutes on the broken foot. It was so hard, it was miserable. Then I got three metal plates put in my foot, so I’m recovering from that.”

You can check out his appearance below:

(quotes courtesy of Colin Tessier)