USA Network Mocks AEW’s Tony Khan; Khan Responds With Jab At Jinder Mahal

After it was revealed that Jinder Mahal would be going up against Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship on this upcoming Monday’s WWE RAW, Tony Khan took a jab at the person in charge of the USA Network account.

Raj Giri mentioned that Rollins and Mahal have a history, as Rollins defeated Mahal to become the first NXT Champion. The USA Network account responded by asking, “What was the cagematch rating?”.

Many on social media took that as a shot at AEW’s Tony Khan, who has previously cited user ratings when discussing great AEW matches. The USA Network account is believed to be run by a USA Network employee, but it is clear that the person in charge is very aware of what is going on in the wrestling Twitter/X-verse.

Khan saw the tweet and wrote:

“A moral victory for USA is one win more than their World Title challenger Jinder Mahal has in the past 364 days… because it’s been literally a full year since he won a match. You really put AEW in our place getting Jinder Mahal in a big match on your tv show. Do it more often.”

Khan followed-up with another post.

“A double standard: Hook 28-1 career record, on winning streak calls out the Champ, a logical challenge sparks online outrage. Jinder has literally lost every single match he’s in for the past year, immediately gets title shot, where is the rage[?].”