Video: Mercedes Mone Releases Training Footage: “It’s Almost Time”


Those are the words of Mercedes Mone.

On Wednesday, the former WWE Superstar known as Sasha Banks, who is expected to make her All Elite Wrestling debut at the AEW Big Business special at the TD Garden in Boston, Mass., released some new training footage backed by a Kendrick Lamar song.

The caption to the footage reads as follows:

Thank you Flat Backs Training
For being a safe space to do what I love most

For reminding me who da fuck I am

For welcoming me and making me better with every training session.

For being a school that all wrestlers can be proud of.

For going above and beyond for a young vet like this Brooklyn Girl.

For being there for me when I didn’t know where to start again. And reigniting my mind, body, and passion. ?It’s almost time