Video: New Trailer For “Twisted Metal” Featuring Samoa Joe As Sweet Tooth

Peacock has released a new trailer for the “Twisted Metal” TV series, featuring AEW’s Samoa Joe as Sweet Tooth.

Joe physically portrays the character, while Will Arnett provides the dialogue. The series is based on the same-named classic PlayStation game.

Anthony Mackie, Tahj Vaughans, Stephanie Beatriz, Chelle Ramos, and Michael Carollo star in it. It was created by Sony Pictures Television and PlayStation. According to the synopsis:

“In a post-apocalyptic wasteland, John Doe, a talkative milkman with amnesia, is given a mission to traverse the desolate world to deliver a cryptic package in order to stay alive. Alongside the assistance of Quiet, a rash car thief, Doe faces a life-altering opportunity but must confront ruthless marauders in deadly and destructive vehicles to secure a chance at a better future.”

The first season will consist of ten episodes and will premiere on July 27.

You can check out the trailer below: