Video: The Rock, Roman Reigns & Cody Rhodes Close This Week’s WWE SmackDown

“What is, ‘Finishing The Story?'”

Cody Rhodes asked this question during his advertised appearance on the post-Royal Rumble episode of WWE Friday Night SmackDown at the Legacy Arena in Birmingham, Alabama.

“The American Nightmare” came to the ring after Roman Reigns and The Bloodline made their way out. He asked Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa to leave the ring so they could talk, and they did. From there, Cody asked what “finishing the story” means. He asks if it’s taking Reigns’ title, or taking everything from him.

Rhodes mentioned how Reigns’ claims this is his ring, these are his fans, and everything in WWE is his. He asks if “Finishing The Story” is taking his title, or taking all of that. He thinks it’s the latter. He mentions talking with a lot of people to ask about his WrestleMania 40 decision following his Royal Rumble win.

Among them?

This guy.

With that said, we were asked if we can smell what The Rock is cookin’, as Hollywood big shot Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson emerged showing the goosebumps on his forearm to the camera as always, before heading down to the ring.

The Rock and Cody Rhodes shared a moment after shaking hands, with Rock whispering in Cody’s ear off-mic for a few moments. Cody then exited the ring and headed to the back, leaving The Rock the ring to himself and his cousin.

With that said, The Rock slowly turned as his theme music died down and he stared down Reigns across the ring. The fans loudly chanted “Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!” and then chanted “This is Awesome!” as the two slowly closed in on each other and stood face-to-face as the WWE copyright credits hit the bottom of the screen and this week’s show slowly faded out without either man saying anything to each other.