Wrestling Veterans Speak Out About Working With CM Punk

(Photo Credit: WWE)

The debut episode of Magnum TA and Greg Gagne’s YouTube show is now live. The two wrestling legends shared stories from their careers and their thoughts on some of today’s wrestling talent.

Greg Gagne discussed working with CM Punk:

“I worked for the WWE for a year and one of my jobs was to go down to Louisville and to Atlanta and help train people. One guy that really was frustrated, he was in Louisville, was CM Punk. He was having a really tough time. He was mad and pouting all the time. You know, ‘Why can’t I get up with the WWE?’ He was doing his interviews, and before he went out for his interview, I said, ‘Go on your interview and tell me how you really feel about the WWE and Vince McMahon’, and he let go and shortly after that they brought him up. Verne (Gagne) used to say, ‘Inside is your real self. You have to let that come out, who you really are, and until you do that, you can’t succeed.’”

Greg talking more about CM Punk:

“Great. He really is. He learned to believe in himself, believe in what he had to say, believe in his talent, and he’s just being himself, and that’s what the people really want. They want to see somebody who’s really that character they see in the ring is really him, and he’s done a fantastic job portraying that to the people.”

Magnum TA on CM Punk:

“He came up to me and treated me like I was Babe Ruth. I mean, he was so kind and respectful. You know, he truly made me feel like he was grateful for some of the bricks I laid in the road that he got to go down and even gave me a shout out on his Instagram. He made me feel like the old school welcome like I haven’t felt from anybody in a long time. He introduced himself as Phil. I mean, he was just very down to earth and I got a great vibe from him.”

You can check out the complete show below:

(h/t to WrestlingNews.co for the transcription)