WWE NXT Level Up Results – May 17, 2024

(Image Credit: WWE)

WWE NXT Level Up Results – May 17, 2024

Tavion Heights vs. Jasper Troy

Jasper Troy uses his size to stuff a Tavion Heights shoot in and controls in the middle of the ring. Heights gets to the ropes to force a break.

Another go and Heights gets arm control and transitions to a front facelock.

Heights with a crossbody but gets a roll up blocked and Troy just runs him down with a modified pounce. Troy throws some headbutts in the corner and unloads with some strikes.

He uses the top rope to choke and follows with a splash.

Troy charges again but eats an elbow to the face.

Heights gets too close though and gets dropped with a sidewalk slam before a splash gets a two count. Troy hooks a submission but Heights elbows his way out.

Heights escapes a 2nd sidewalk slam and gets a series of clotheslines.

Overhead throw a before he charges but Troy hits him with a Blackhole Slam for two.

Troy charges but Heights moves and hits a belly 2 belly suplex for the win.

Winner: Tavion Heights 

Tag Team Match
Brinley Reece & Layla Diggs vs. Carlee Bright & Kendal Grey

Layla Diggs starts with Kendal Grey and they work on the mat a bit before a stalemate.

They show mutual respect and the tag is made to Carlee Bright.

Diggs works the arm but Bright flips to reverse and takes Diggs down to the mat by her arm.

Diggs escapes and gets her own take down before making the tag to Brinley Reece.

She hits the front flip lariat and tag back to Diggs.

She goes back to the arm but neatly gets pinned with a crucifix.

Tag back to Reece & she cuts off Bright from making the tag.

She swings Bright to the opposite corner but Bright quickly regroups and makes the desperation tag.

Grey gets to run wild for a bit until Bright gets a small package for two.

All 4 women in the ring until Diggs sends Bright to the floor.

Grey with a dropkick to sends Diggs to the floor but she gets caught with a round off into a DDT from Reece for the win.

Winners: Brinley Reece & Layla Diggs