WWE NXT Results – July 2, 2024

Tonight’s NXT Heatwave Go-Home Show features a contract signing between Trick Williams, Shawn Spears, Je’Von Evans and Ethan Page, Lola Vice faces Roxanne Perez, New Catch Republic -vs- Hank Walker and Tank Ledger, Tyson Dupont and Tyriek Igwe -vs- Gallus, Brinley Reece -vs- Izzi Dame, and Jaida Parker -vs- Michin in a Street Fight.

We kick off tonight’s episode with Vic Joseph welcoming us to NXT as Jaida Parker makes her way to the ring.

Match 1: Jaida Parker -vs- Michin – Streetfight

Michin makes her way out with a trash can and Parker attacks her but Michin get the upper hand. Michin slams Parker in the steps and starts bringing out everything from under the ring. Michin pulls out some chains and Parker attacks but Michin gets her down and tries to hit her with a chain. Chops by Parker as both ladies battle outside. Michin sends Parker in the ring and gets out a trash can from under the ring. In the ring, Parker batters Michin with the lid as she enters and takes it to Michin. Parker gets Michin down for a two count and picks up a kendo stick and misses Michin who delivers german suplex. Michin slaps Parker with her belt and sets up the trash can in the corner – Parker attacks and lays Michin across the middle ropes and jumps onto Michin for a two count. Parker and Michin are outside now, and throw each other around. Michin grabs a chair and proceeds to set up three chairs and Parker comes back with a hit to the back with a chair. Michin gets Parker sitting on a chair on the outside and Michin gets in the ring and launches herself outside and lands face first onto a chair. Parker tries to attack Michin on the outside and slams into the barricade and we got to commercial break as both women are laid out.

We come back to Parker with Michin on the mat with a hammer in her mouth. Michin breaks the hold and smack Parker. Michin stacks some chairs and drops some nuts and bolts and Parker reverses and back body drops Michin onto that mess. Two count for Parker and both ladies are up and Michin gets a kendo sticks and goes to town on Parker with the kendo stick. In the corner, Michin places a trash can Parker and comes running and cannonballs Parker. Two count for Michin and Parker rolls out of the ring. Michin grabs a steel pipe and goes after Parker who blasts Michin with a fire extinguisher. Parker spears Michin through some of the set outside and gets a running hip dive on Michin for the three count.

Winner: Jaida Parker

Backstage Karmen Petrovic is with Arianna Grace who is sighing. Grace says Sol snatched her soul and took her heart because she’s not going to Heatwave in her hometown. Petrovic says shes from Toronto too but Grace says she’s not as Canadian as her. Jacy Jayne and Jazmyn Nyx come in and trash talk Petrovic.

Next we get a promo for the main event for NXT Heatwave.

Match 2: New Catch Republic -vs- Hank Walker and Tank Ledger

NCR comes out first followed by Hank and Tank. Bate and Walker start the bout. Bate rolls around the ring and the two shake hands and regroup. Walker goes for a power face off an gets Bate on the mat for a two count. Bate gets Walker in the corner for a headscissors. Dunne is tagged in and has Walker down and gets a two count. Walker tags in and Hank and Tank go on the double team. Ledger is surprised by a chop by Dunne who tags Bate and Bate then gets taken down by Ledger. Bate suplexes Ledger who then tags in Walker. Bate evades Walker and gets Walker on his shoulder and spins him around. Kip-up by Bate as we go to commercial break.

We come back from break with Dunne and Walker in the ring. The teams go back and forth and Bate hits a corkscrew off the top for the three count on Ledger.

Winners: New Catch Republic

Stevie Turner and Rob Stone are up to their shenanigans backstage with Oro Mensah

Match 3: Brinley Reece -vs- Izzi Dame

Reece makes her way to the ring followed by Dame. Both superstars charge at each other Dame slams Reece around. Dame throws Reece on her shoulders and Reece fights back and starts throwing Dame around with body checks. Both women are in the corner and Reece hits a handspring clothesline and sends Dame outside. They battle outside and Dame clocks Reece and sends her back in the ring. Tatum Paxley shows up and distracts Dame and Reece gets two two counts. Dame plants Reece and hits a driver for the three count on Reece. Paxley enters the ring and taunts Dame.

Winner: Izzi Dame

Backstage we see a lecture at Chase U. They discuss not cleaning winning last week and Holland is exposed as cheating. Holland says he wants to be part of the family and was an eager beaver. Holland is asked to stay back while the rest of Chase U goes to Heatwave.

We see Lola Vice walking backstage and then we cut to Roxanne Perez making her way to the ring.

We come back from commercial break with Vice in the ring on the mic. She says the clock is ticking for Roxanne and calls her out. Perez makes her way out with security. Vice taunts her and Perez says security is here to make sure what happened last week doesn’t happen again. Perez says shes sees right through Vice. The women talk about Vice being a thorn in Perez’s side. Vice says shes a fighter regardless of whether shes in the ring or not. Perez reminds Vice that they’re wrestling and not a fight like she had with Baszler. Vice says shes ready to tell her story and how it’s her time. She says she was training for the Olympics says she had to grow up quick because her mom got sick so she starting fighting. She’s doing this for her mom’s sacrifices. Perez isn’t impressed and says the reality is everyone wants to call their family and make them proud but Vice won’t get to make that call. Perez rattles off a list of women she’s beaten and says Vice won’t take the title. Vice says she will take the title – Vice says that Perez hit her with her best shot and Vice smiled. Vice hit Perez with hers and Perez woke up without her title. Vice says she will be the next champ and then takes out one of the security guards and promises to knock out Perez. Vice leaves with Perez stressed in the ring.

We get an Ethan Page promo.

We see Myles Borne backstage prepping for his match and we go to commercial break.

Eddie Thorpe and Lexis King have a talk and we go to our next match.

Match 4: Myles Borne -vs- Oro Mensah

Borne starts out on top out of the grapple and both men roll back and forth with holds. Borne is surprised by some shots and then taken down. Headlock by Mensah to Borne and both men go to the ropes. Mensah is in control and takes Borne down with a kick – two count on Borne. Mensah is thrown over Borne’s shoulders and Borne hits a neckbreaker for a two count and we go to commercial break.

We return to Borne in control and he gives Mensah some right hands and they go back and forth punching each other. Borne is taken down and Mensah hits moonsault off the middle rope. Roll up with a rolling kick on Borne and Mensah swings Borne into the rope but its countered with a drop kick on Mensah by Borne. Borne takes his eyes off the match and Mensah slams into the turnbuckle into Borne and gets the three count on Borne.

Winner: Oro Mensah

We cut to a Wes Lee promo followed by an Oba Feme promo for Heatwave.

Backstage, Gallus go at it with Tyson Dupont and Tyriek Igwe and we head to commercial.

We are back and go to the back to see Brinley Reece talking with Malik and Edris – she’s unsure if she fits in with them and storms off. Gallows and Anderson jump in and say because Michin lost doesnt mean they wont get their revenge.

Match 5: Carlee Bright -vs- Wendy Choo

Bright comes down accompanied by Kendall Grey. Choo comes out next and the match starts with some right hands from Bright. Choo takes her down and Bright gets Choo into a chokehold. Choo breaks it and puts Bright in a chokehold. Bright gets a roll up for a one count. Choo plants Bright with a sitting facebuster and then chokes Bright using the ropes. Choo takes control and kicks Bright and punches her in the corner. Choo has Bright down but Bright fights back but isn’t successful. Choo sets up Bright at the turnbuckle and drop kicks Bright. Bright gets a headscissors and comes back with some clotheslines. Bright shows off her gymnastics and cheerleading backgrounds with some flips. Choo hits a clothesline and then taps out Bright for the win.

Winner: Wendy Choo

Shawn Michaels talks about Brooks Jensen causing havoc in NXT. Michaels says they were forced to have him out of NXT but he believes in second chances so next week they will meet with Ava about Jensen’s future.

Match 6: Jazmyn Nyx -vs- Karmen Petrovic

Nyx makes her way to the ring with Jacy Jayne. Next we have Petrovic come out. Match begins with Petrovic taking control. Petrovic throws a couple chokeholds on Nyx and keeps her planted on the mat. Nyx tries to counter but Petrovic flips out but is taken down. Petrovic takes control again goes for the cover after a neck breaker. Jayne tries to distract Petrovic but it doesn’t work but Nyx starts taking control and hits a neck breaker on Petrovic. Kick to Petrovic and a cover for a two count. Fallon Henley is shown backstage watching the match. Petrovic almost gets a pin and she takes down Nyx. Nyx down with some clotheslines by Petrovic who then delivers some kicking strikes and then takes down Nyx. Jayne interferes again and Nyx hits a Pele kick for the win.

Winner: Jazmyn Nyx

Backstage Axiom and Frazer are talking about their matches. Axiom talks about the Heatwave match but Frazer is more concerned about his bout against Xavier Woods.

Up next is the contract signing for the fatal four way Heatwave main event.

Ava Raine is backstage and Karmen Petrovic comes in and asks if Ava saw what happened. Petrovic says she wants either Jayne or Nyx doesn’t matter if she has to do it alone. Raine tells her partner already spoke to her and Arianna Grace comes in and a match is set for the preshow on Heatwave with the four.

Next we get a promo for Sol Ruca regarding her match against Kelani Jordan.

We cut to the ring, Shawn Spears, Je’Von Evans and Ethan Page are in the ring and Trick Williams makes his entrance. Williams gets on the mic and gets the crowd riled up – Page interrupts and says he loves how Trick will bring the same energy regardless of the match. Page says Williams is the hottest thing in the WWE and talks about Williams’ swagger. Page says Heatwave is nothing like Battleground as he can win by pinning one of the other two. Trick says he knows the odds are against him but that’s never stopped him. Trick says his resume is better and will add one more win to it. Spears jumps in and says that Williams should keep doing the same thing as it’s Williams emotional ways that got him pinned last week. Spears says he will win at Heatwave and says his competition is nothing and Evans and Spears go back and forth on the mic and they both sign their contracts. Spears compares Evans to teams who make it to the finals and never win but they’re just happy to be there. Evans says people always come at him for his age, but regardless of his age and experience he will come out on top. He asks Spears how much experience Spears has holding the NXT champ. Spears takes the contract to the other table and asks Williams what he thinks about Evans’ claims. Page says that he and Spears have beaten Evans but Williams hasn’t… so can he? Page cements that the odds are against the champ. Williams comes back with saying he will leave Heatwave the champ. The guys go back and forth saying each will win and Spears attacks Evans and Page jumps Williams. The brawl ends with Williams and Evans sending both Page and Spears through the tables in the ring. Williams and Evans stand tall as we go off the air.

(Credit: TZC and Rajah.com)