WWE NXT Review – April 9, 2024

WWE NXT Review – April 9, 2024

Kicking off this week’s NXT with a video recapping Stand & Deliver.

New Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez asks fans if they’re surprised then says Saturday was justice. She says all is right in the world again then tells Lyra Valkyria she knew her arm was 100% but she still decided to compete because she wanted to be an honorable champion. Perez says she saw Valkyria’s bandaged arm as a target and took advantage then says while Valkyria wants to call herself an honorable champion, she sees her as an embarrassing and pathetic one. She says now that she holds the Women’s Title again, everything happens on her terms and someone will only take her title from her when she gets called up in the WWE Draft.

Valkyria’s music hits and she makes her way down to the ring. She asks Perez if this is what everyone is in store for then asks Perez if she’s too good for NXT. She says when Perez moves up, she’ll take back the Women’s Title and demands her rematch tonight. Perez points out that Valkyria isn’t medically cleared.

Tatum Paxley then appears from behind one of the barricades and says Valkyria might not be ready but she is. Valkyria tells Paxley she appreciates Paxley stepping up but she’s ready to go. Paxley questions if she really is then tosses her into the ring steps arm first. Officials then appear to pull Paxley to the back. Perez then rubs the attack in the face of fans.

Natalya’s music hits and she marches down to the ring. She says Perez is adorable and the fans want to see a Women’s Title match. She says she hasn’t forgotten how rude Perez has been to her. She says the 1 title she hasn’t won in WWE is the one Perez holds and challenges Perez for a Women’s Title match. Perez declines to give her a chance and says it’s her show.

Ava’s music hits and she makes her way down to the ring. She says things won’t be working that way then makes a Women’s Title match between Natalya & Perez official for later tonight. Perez looks to attack Natalya but Natalya sees her coming. She looks to lock in a Sharpshooter but Perez slips out of the ring before she can.

Nathan Frazer & Axiom were interviewed backstage where Frazer said they needed to win or would not get another shot. Axiom that he & Frazer belonged at the top to which Frazer responded that if tonight was their last night as a team they would go out swinging.

We then head over to the Chase U classroom. Andre Chase presents Kelani Jordan & Fallon Henley with certificates but Jacy Jayne & Jazmyn Nyx crash the party. Jayne says she’s not here to fight and says she’s been doing a little thinking. She asks Chase if he’ll ever tell Thea Hail the real reason Chase U had to shut down and Chase tells her to stop. Jayne then reveals that Chase placed a huge bet on Hail winning the Women’s Title at Great American Bash but still chose to throw in the towel. Hail asks Chase if that’s true and Chase confirms that it is. He says he will bet on Hail every single time over Chase U & Hail storms off.

Tag Team Match
Fallon Henley & Kelani Jordan vs. Kiana James & Izzi Dame

Kiana James & Izzi Dame pull Kelani Jordan & Fallon Henley off the ropes as they post.

Dame is sent crashing to the outside then the bell rings and James locks up with Jordan.

Dame tags in and lands a shoulder tackle before Jordan responds with a sleeper then tags in Henley. Henley hits a dragon screw to James then tags in Jordan.

Jordan & Henley double team on James & Dame and send them to the outside.

They both then level them on the outside before Jordan gets back in the ring and hits a crossbody to Dame.

James tags in and fires off stomps on Jordan then follows it up with an Oblique Buster and tags Dame back in. Dame lands a forearm on Jordan & Jordan hits one back.

Dame then tosses Jordan across the ring and levels her.

James tags in and hits a stomp on Jordan but Jordan delivers a few right hands to James’ midsection.

James fires off more on her in the corner then tags back out to Dame.

Dame then locks in an abdominal stretch on Jordan but Jordan reverses the submission and locks in one of her own.

Dame escapes and tags in James & she hits a couple of boots to Jordan then follows it up with a bodyslam.

Henley tags in and delivers a clothesline then sends James’ head bouncing off her knee.

She follows it up with a suplex off the middle rope and goes for a pin but Dame breaks the fall.

Dame & Jordan begin brawling and end up on the outside opening the door for James then manages to connect with 401K on Henley for the win.

Winners: Kiana James & Izzi Dame

We get a video package of Je’Von Evans.

Scrypts said the bouncy boy would get bounced.

Heritage Cup Champions No Quarter Catch Crew spoke backstage about Charlie Dempsey competing at GCW Bloodsport before they were interrupted by The Family confronted them. Stacks & Luca Crusifino challenged No Quarter Catch Crew to a match which they accepted.

Je Von Evans vs. Scrypts

Match starts off with a lock up before Je Von Evans rolls up Scrypts but Scrypts kicks out.

Evans hits a dropkick to Scrypts then follows it up with a chop in the corner and climbs up to the middle rope.

Scrypts trips him then lands a running Shooting Star Press and a back elbow.

He sends Evans’ head bouncing off the top turnbuckle then fires off stomps on him in the corner and stomps on his hand.

Evans fires off right hands on Scrypts then connects with a blockbuster.

Evans lands a springboard cutter then hits a clothesline off the top rope.

Scrypts lands on the outside to regroup with Bronco Nima & Lucien Price but Evans goes flying over the top rope to take them out.

Scrypts & Evans end up back in the ring and Scrypts connects with a German suplex.

He looks to hit a moonsault off the top rope but Evans moves out of the way and hits Springboard Twisting Splash to get the win.

Winner: Je Von Evans

After the match Nima & Price look to beat down Evans but Evans sneaks out of the ring before they can.

After the break Kelly Kincaid spoke with Ridge Holland after he attacked Joe Gacy at Stand & Deliver but Gacy appeared from out of nowhere. Gacy was talking trash but Holland left. LWO’s Cruz Del Toro & Joaquin Wilde met with Holland but Holland pushed Del Toro before accidentally slamming the door on Del Toro’s wrist.

Women’s Title Match
Roxanne Perez (c) vs. Natalya

Roxanne Perez shoves Natalya then they go back & forth before Natalya slaps Perez and sends her out of the ring.

She clotheslines her then gets her back in the ring as we go to a break.

After the break Natalya sends Perez’s head bouncing off the apron before she locks in a Bow & Arrow but Perez escapes.

Natalya hits a clothesline before the action spills to the outside.

Perez sends Natalya crashing into the ring steps shoulder first then connects with a suplex and sends her face bouncing off the announce table.

She gets Natalya back in the ring and pins her but Natalya kicks out.

Perez wears Natalya down with a couple submissions but Natalya sends her crashing into the mat spine first.

She lands a pair of right hands on her midsection then connects with a few more right hands on her head.

Natalya then hits a German suplex but Perez responds with an arm drag.

Natalya lands a discus lariat and looks to lock in a Sharpshooter but Perez escapes and rolls Natalya up.

Natalya kicks out and pins Perez but Perez kicks out and locks in a crossface.

Natalya counters into a pin but Perez kicks out then Perez looks to hit Pop Rox but Natalya evades the maneuver and locks in a Sharpshooter on Perez.

Perez makes it to the bottom rope to break the hold and ends up on the outside.

Natalya follows her out there and dumps her back in the ring but Lola Vice hits a kick to Natalya while the referee is distracted.

This opens the door for Perez to hit Pop Rox for the win.

Winner & Still Women’s Champion: Roxanne Perez (STILL CHAMPION!!!)

Baron Corbin met with Bron Breakker backstage, where Corbin tried to make Breakker admit that them being a team was a good thing.

Lola Vice cut a promo backstage, where she said that she had her eyes on the Women’s & Women’s North American Titles. Natalya attacked Vice backstage before an army of referees separated them.

Tag Team Match
Heritage Cup Champions No Catch Quarter Crew (Damon Kemp & Myles Borne) vs. The Family (Luca Crusifino & Stacks)

Damon Kemp & Lua Crusifino lock up to get this match started before Myles Borne tags in, and Crusifino levels him with a suplex.

Stacks tags in and fires off knees on Borne’s midsection, then delivers a kick to his midsection and tags Crusifino back in.

Crusifino hits Borne with a clothesline then tags in Stacks.

Stacks hits Kemp with a right hand then hits a modified cannonball on him.

He looks to hits one to Borne but Borne rolls out of the ring before he can and Stacks collides with the turnbuckles.

Borne wears him down, then tags in Kemp & Kemp follows suit and hits a backbreaker then sends Stacks crashing into the mat.

Borne tags in and they hit a dropkick/German suplex combination to Stacks with Kemp before he whips him into the corner.

Crusifino tags in and hits No Catch Quarter Crew with forearms.

He hits a flying shoulder tackle to Borne then sends Kemp crashing into the mat.

Charlie Dempsey hops up on the apron in an attempt to capture Crusifino’s attention but is unsuccessful. Borne manages to deliver a jumping neckbreaker and tags in Kemp.

Crusifino sends Kemp crashing into Borne then drags Charlie Dempsey into the ring.

The Family then hits a flapjack/codebreaker combination to Kemp for the win.

Winners: The Family

North American Champion Oba Femi says some things are just inevitable. He says he knew he would retain the North American Title at Stand & Deliver and he did. He says no one can deny the impressiveness of Josh Briggs & Dijak then says 17,000 people witness his power. He says all he could think about was standing in front of the NXT Universe at the Performance Center still holding the North American Title. He says that won’t change for a long time and that’s inevitable.

Viking Raiders’ music hits and Ivar makes his way down to the ring. He says he can tell by the look on Femi’s face that he didn’t expect him to be here and says the whole world is talking about Femi’s Triple Threat against Briggs & Dijak at Stand & Deliver. He says he loved the chaos of the match with 3 big men beating the hell out of each other desperately trying to win the North American Title. He says that’s the type of fight he lives for and Femi says he knows Ivar didn’t travel all this way to give him compliments. He asks Ivar what he wants and Ivar says he felt a deep deep jealousy when he watched Femi’s match. He says he wanted to be in the fight and says when he looks at Femi, he knows he’s the man who can chop Femi down and take the North American Title from him. Femi says they shall see and looks to leave but Ivar stops him. He says that they shall. Femi connects with a headbutt on Ivar but Ivar overpowers him and levels him. He then grabs the North American Title and holds it up.

Meta 4 celebrated their success at Stand & Deliver as hosts but Mensah said that he was frustrated that Oba Femi pushed him to the side. Dijak interrupted and asked who did the parody skit about him to which Noam Dar responded by saying he was responsible. Dijak told Dar that was his only warning.

Jaida Parker vs. Brinley Reece

Match starts off with a lock up then they go back & forth with moves as we go to a break.

After the break Brinley Reece & Jaida Parker take turns locking one another in submission holds.

Parker hits a modified blockbuster off the middle rope then hits a right hand to her spine.

Reece responds with a pair of shoulder tackles and a body slam then follows it up with a clothesline.

Reece then hits a spinebuster but Parker hits a knee to Reece’s midsection and levels her with a strike then follows it up with a hip attack for the win.

Winner: Jaida Parker

Arianna Grace & Sol Ruca spoke backstage before Ruca said she called dibs on the Women’s North American Title. Lola Vice appeared and complained about Natalya attacking her backstage but Ruca told Vice she should have seen it coming.

NXT Tag Team Titles Match
The Wolf Dogs (Bron Breakker & Baron Corbin) (c) vs. Nathan Frazer & Axiom

Match start off with Bron Breakker & Axiom lock up before Axiom connects with a single leg dropkick but Breakker runs him over with a clothesline.

Nathan Frazer tags in and hits a single leg dropkick of his own to Breakker.

Baron Corbin tags in and hits a suplex to Frazer & Frazer hits an arm drag to Corbin then tags in Axiom. Axiom delivers an enzuigiri to Corbin.

The Wolf Dogs are sent to the outside and Frazer & Axiom go flying to take them both out as we go to a break.

After the break Corbin tags in and hits a powerslam to Axiom before Breakker & Frazer tag in and Frazer looks to fly off the top rope.

Breakker catches him but Frazer sends Breakker crashing into the mat and tags in Axiom.

Axiom hits a Frog Splash and Frazer follows it up with a Phoenix Splash then Axiom goes for a pin but Corbin breaks the fall.

Breakker hits a powerslam to Axiom & Corbin locks in a Sleeper on Frazer. Breakker goes for a pin but Axiom kicks out.

Corbin releases the hold when Axiom kicks out and asks Breakker what happened.

He then tags in and gets Axiom in an electric chair position as Breakker ascends to the top rope.

Axiom escapes with a hurricanrana that sends Corbin crashing into Breakker.

Frazer tags in and Corbin gets him in an electric chair position.

Breakker flies off the top rope to level him and goes for a pin but Axiom breaks the fall up with a kick.

Axiom tags in and Frazer looks to fly. Corbin sends him crashing into the ring steps then hits a Death Valley Driver to Axiom.

Axiom levels Breakker but Corbin intercepts him with a pair of clotheslines.

Frazer hits a superkick to Corbin but Breakker levels him and is almost sent crashing into Corbin.

Axiom & Frazer hits a double superkick to The Wolf Dogs then tags in Frazer.

Frazer connects with a Phoenix Splash for the win.

Winners & New NXT Tag Team Champions: Nathan Frazer & Axiom (NEW CHAMPIONS!!!!)

After the match The Final Testament’s music hits and Karrion Kross & Scarlett make their way down to the ring. Authors Of Pain attacks Axiom & Frazer then they connect with Super Collider to them.

Trick Williams says he went to Philadelphia, stood, delivered & went to war. He says NXT is hotter than ever and broke records then says NXT is marching into a new era. He says he wouldn’t be in the position he’s in without Carmelo Hayes and says Hayes is Him. He says he had to show the world who he is and says everybody saw Bayley & Cody Rhodes get their titles at WrestleMania. He says he’s been thinking about what’s next and he says he knows what next. He says he thinks fans what’s next then says he needs to slay The Mad Dragon for the NXT Title then calls Ilja Dragunov to the ring.

Dragunov’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. He says he’s proud of the Superstar that Williams has become because of his Trick Willy Charisma. Williams challenges Dragunov to a NXT Title match to his face and Dragunov says Williams is full of it after getting his revenge on Hayes on Saturday. He says Williams is on top of the world, and says he sees it in his eyes. He declines to give Williams another shot at the NXT Title and explains that he already had his chance and failed. He says it’s time for another Superstar to step up next.

Williams asks Dragunov who he needs to get through to get another title shot and Dragunov says while persistence is great Williams is a risk taker. He says this is the biggest risk that Williams will ever take. Williams says he’ll do whatever it takes and Dragunov says that he will get another NXT Title 2 weeks from now at Spring Breakin’ as long as he agrees that if he loses then he leaves NXT for good. Williams says he doesn’t belong in NXT if he can’t slay The Mad Dragon and agrees to Dragunov’s terms then they shake hands.

Hayes appears out of nowhere and blindsides both Williams & Dragunov. He grabs the NXT Title and tells Williams he won’t make it to Spring Breakin’ because he’ll beat him in a Steel Cage match next week then stands tall to close out this week’s NXT.

Next Week’s NXT

Ridge Holland vs. Joaquin Wilde

Noam Dar vs. Dijak

Sol Ruca vs. Lola Vice

Steel Cage Match
Carmelo Hayes vs. Trick Williams

Spring Breakin Card So Far (April 23rd & 30th)

Night TBD

NXT Title Match
Ilja Dragunov (c) vs. Trick Williams (If Williams loses he must leave NXT)