WWE NXT Review – March 12, 2024

WWE NXT Review – March 12, 2024

Semi Final Match Of The NXT Tag Team Titles #1 Contenders Tournament
Latino World Order (Cruz Del Toro & Joaquin Wilde) vs. Out The Mud (Lucien Price & Bronco Nima)

OTM blindsides LWO on the ramp and dumps Joaquin Wilde into the ring. The bell sounds and Bronco Nima hits a spinning back elbow to Wilde.

Lucien Price tags in and lands a clothesline then plants him with a suplex/powerbomb combination.

Nima tags in and lands a boot on Wilde before Cruz Del Toro tags in and hits a hurricanrana to Nima.

He sends Price out to join Nima then hits a double tope suicida with Wilde to OTM on the outside.

Wilde tags back in and LWO double teams on Nima with a series of kicks.

Wilde then fires off right hands on Nima but Nima throws him into the corner.

Price hits a cheap shot to Wilde on the apron as the referee is distracted and Nima follows it up with a Brainbuster off the middle turnbuckle.

After the break Nima whips Wilde into the corner and tags in Price.

Del Toro tags in and delivers a dropkick to Nima then fires off strikes on Price.

He looks to hit him with a pair of clotheslines but Price stays standing on his feet.

Del Toro sends Price crashing into the corner then hits a missile dropkick off the top rope.

Price then sends Del Toro crashing into the corner then Nima tags in and sends Del Toro crashing into the mat.

He goes for a pin but Wilde breaks the fall before Price hits Wilde with a kick and Del Toro sends Price crashing out of the ring with an enzuigiri.

He then delivers a boot to Nima’s midsection and Wilde uses Nima as a launching pad to to hit Price & Scrypts on the outside.

Nima ascends to the middle rope with Del Toro on his shoulders but Del Toro escapes and lands a hurricanrana.

Wilde then tags in and delivers an assisted 450 Splash off the ropes to Nima.

He pins Nima for the win as Del Toro hits a baseball dropkick to Price on the outside to keep him from breaking the fall.

Winners: Latino World Order

We see from earlier today of North American Champion Oba Femi being confronted by Brooks Jensen in the Parking Lot before Josh Briggs & a team of security guards separated them ahead of their title match tonight.

After the break we head backstage and see Andre Chase chat with Thea Hail. Chase tells Hail that he’s always here for her & Duke Hudson walks in to inquire about her mystery tag team partner for her upcoming match against Kiana James & Izzi Dame. Hail shows them a picture of Jacy Jayne & Jazmyn Nyx hanging out without her and says she has other friends that can be her tag team partner. She says she has someone in mind who has issues with James & Dame too & Kelani Jordan walks in to reveal herself as her tag team partner.

Roxanne Perez says last week is what happens when you get sick and tired of playing by the rules. She says the old her is gone and says this has been building up for months. She says she collapsed in the ring after defeating Meiko Satomura at last year’s Roadblock and says it boiled down to carrying the NXT women’s division on her back. She says she worked hard to defend the Women’s Title while everyone was drooling over Tiffany Stratton & Becky Lynch. She says when they came face 2 face, fans acted like Perez didn’t exist and she went home to cry.

Perez says she’s won everything and says she expected an apology from Women’s Champion Lyra Valkyria about what happened in their Vengeance Day. She says she expected a rematch for the Women’s Title but Valkyria opted to go after the Women’s Tag Team Titles instead. She says fans want to support her now but she doesn’t need it. She mocks Valkyria for being taken away in an ambulance last week after she attacked her following her & Tatum Paxley’s Women’s Team Titles match. She then demands that Ava make her way down to the ring vacate the Women’s Title and award it to her.

Ava’s music hits and she makes her way down to the ring. She berates Perez for putting Valkyria in an ambulance last week and Perez demands to be awarded the Women’s Title once again. Ava warns her not to and reminds Perez that she wasn’t stripped of her title last year when she was injured. She says that they waited to see the extent of her injuries

Paxley appears through the crowd and looks to attack Perez cutting Ava off. Perez fends Paxley off and officials hold Paxley back.

After the break we see The Family discussing Tony D’Angelo’s win over Carmelo Hayes last week to secure his spot in an NXT Title match against NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov at Stand & Deliver as well as Luca Crusifino tell D’Angelo he took care of the 2 pieces of business he wanted him too. Dragunov then interrupts and the rest of The Family exits leaving D’Angelo alone with Dragunov. Dragunov congratulates D’Angelo on doing exactly what he said he would. Dragunov says D’Angelo has his finger in many pots while the only thing he has is the NXT Title. D’Angelo tells Dragunov he likes him no matter what happens and Stacks & Crusifino grab him. They put him in the trunk of a car and drive off with D’Angelo & Adriana Rizzo.

Lexis King vs. Mr Stone

Mr Stone wastes no time as he fires off right and left hands on Lexis King but King dumps him out of the ring and looks to fly.

Stone moves out of the way and hits a crossbody to King on the outside over the top rope then gets him back in the ring and ascends to the top rope.

He looks to land a splash but King avoids it and hits a pair of knees to his midsection.

King hits a kick to Stone’s spine and locks in an Abdominal Stretch then connects with a bodyslam but Stone lands several overhand chops.

King hits Stone with a chop of his own and whips him into the corner then sits him on the top rope and joins him up there.

Stone fights King off and hits a crossbody but King runs Stone over and follows it up with The Coronation for the win.

Winner: Lexis King

After the match King looks to land The coronation for a 2nd time but Von Wagner runs down to the ring and carries Stone to the back.

Backstage North American Champion Oba Femi was interviewed by Kelly Kincaid saying that his confrontation with Brooks Jensen earlier in the night was nothing more than an ignorant boy who needed to be lectured that he could not hang in his jungle and would need to be slaughtered. Dijak interrupted the interview by saying that he did not buy Femi’s schtick and told him to prove if he had what it took to be a real champion.

After video calling his wife and daughter backstage Ridge Holland trained ahead of his match against Shawn Spears later tonight.

North American Title Match
Oba Femi (c) vs. Brooks Jansen

Match starts off with a lock up before Oba Femi dumps Brooks Jensen onto the apron and knocks him off but Jensen slides back in.

Femi hits him then he dumps Jensen onto the apron but Jensen ascends to the top rope.

Femi catches him with a right hand to his midsection and a 2nd one on his spine before they stare each other down as we go to a break.

After the break Jensen dropkicks Femi out of the ring and follows it up with an elbow off the apron. He dumps Femi back inside the ring and looks to hit a dropkick.

Femi avoids it and hits a pair of backbreakers then hits a running uppercut to Jensen in the corner then locks in a crossface.

Josh Briggs appears at ringside to cheer Jensen on before Femi hits a right hand to Jensen’s spine but Jensen delivers an elbow to Femi’s head and fires off a few right hands.

He follows it up with a dropkick and a powerslam but Femi catches him with a back body drop.

He then sends him crashing into the top turnbuckle and sends him crashing into the mat spine first as he stares down Briggs on the outside.

Femi sends Jensen crashing into the mat once again then connects with a powerbomb as he continues staring down Briggs then lands a 2nd powerbomb for the win.

Winner & Still North American Champion: Oba Femi (STILL CHAMPION!!!!)

We then head over to a video and see The Family & Ilja Dragunov on a bridge. Tony D’Angelo tells Dragunov that he needs to pay for entering his restaurant and says although Dragunov strikes fear in his opponents he needs to look around. He says he can end everything with the snap of his fingers and tells Dragunov to enjoy the walk back. He looks to get back into the car but Dragunov stops him and says he always finds a way.

Arianna Grace vs. Gigi Dolan

Match starts off with a lock up before Arianna Grace slides out of the ring and Gigi Dolin chases her back in.

Grace looks to land an elbow drop on Dolin as she gets back in the ring but Dolin rolls out of the way and sends Grace crashing into the ropes.

She hits a hip attack and a dropkick but Grace fires off stomps on her in the corner and delivers a suplex.

She follows it up with an elbow drop before she wears Dolin down with a couple of submission holds.

Dolin plants her with a suplex and a knee on her jaw then follows it up with a clothesline.

Grace grabs her tiara from the corner and looks to put it on Dolin’s head.

The referee wrestles it away from her but Grace delivers a low blow to Dolin while the referee hands the tiara off.

Dolin returns the favor but the referee catches her and calls for the bell.

Winner By DQ: Arianna Grace

Sol Ruca & Karmen Petrovic were speaking backstage before Lola Vice confronted Petrovic challenging her to a match. Brinley Reece met Ruca backstage saying she looked forward to facing her next week.

We head backstage and see Kelani Jordan being checked on by officials as she grabs her knee. Thea Hail sees what has happened and makes her way down to the ring on her own.

Tag Team Match
Kiana James & Izzi Dame vs. Fallon Henley & Thea Hail

Kiana James & Izzi Dame look to double team on Thea Hail but Fallon Henley’s music hits and she runs down to the ring.

She & Hail hits a double dropkick to Dame & James before they take turns landing forearms on Dame. They then hits James with a double shoulder tackle and Henley tags in.

Hail & Henley double team on James but James fires off a shoulder on Henley’s midsection.

Henley looks to land a dropkick but James avoids it before Henley hits a dragon screw but Dame tags in. Henley hits an arm drag and a single leg dropkick then looks to clock Dame.

James blocks her path from the apron and Dame sends Henley crashing into the top rope.

James then tags in and delivers a kick to Henley then sends her crashing into the top turnbuckle then hits a shoulder to her midsection before Dame tags in and lands a kick.

Dame holds Henley in place and James fires off right and left hands on Henley’s midsection.

Dame then hits a running knee to Henley as Jacy Jayne & Jazmyn Nyx make their way out to the ring.

Henley hits an elbow to Dame’s midsection but James becomes legal as Henley manages to make the tag to Hail & Hail hits a kick to James’ midsection.

She follows it up with a blockbuster and a slam. Henley & Dame then tumble out of the ring and James lands a spinebuster then goes for a pin but Hail kicks out.

Hail is then sent crashing out of the ring and Dame charges at Henley.

Jayne pulls Henley out of the way and Dame lands a boot on Hail instead.

Dame dumps Hail back in the ring and James hits Deal Breaker for the win.

Winners: Kiana James & Izzi Dame

After the match Henley helps Hail up. Hail grabs a mic and says Jayne must think she’s a loser right now. She asks Jayne what she did to her and what happened to them and says she thought they were everything. She says she thought Jayne was the coolest girl in the locker room and her best friend and says she changed herself for Jayne. She says throughout their friendship Jayne has just become a more rotten version of herself. She says she chose to ignore that because she idolized Jayne and says she thought she was her sister. She says she wants to be nothing like Jayne and says while she may be a loser to Jayne or not cool enough for her, the old her is back. Hail then takes several laps around in celebration.

We then head backstage and see Riley Osborne watch what just happened in the ring before he gets in a verbal exchange with No Quarter Catch Crew. Axiom & Nathan Frazer then walk in and offer their help to Osborne.

Good Brothers cut a promo backstage calling out Hank Walker & Tank Ledger before saying that they were aiming to hit a Magic Killer to every tag team around.

Hank Walker & Tank Ledger watched the promo from Good Brothers where they said they would go to make the upset against Good Brothers saying they would go one match at a time. Bron Breakker & Baron Corbin spoke with them backstage.

Ridge Holland vs. Shawn Spears

Ridge Holland shoves Shawn Spears into the corner before Spears slaps Holland & Holland levels Spears.

Spears then sends Holland crashing into the top turnbuckle face first then rains down right hands on him.

Holland hits a back body drop to Spears before Spears sends Holland crashing to the outside.

Holland trips Spears on the apron then lands a chop and a right hand on his spine.

He follows it up with an uppercut but Spears sends Holland colliding with the ring post as we go to a break.

After the break Spears looks to land a stomp on Holland in the center of the ring.

Holland catches it and delivers a series of strikes to Spears but Spears catches him with a pair of superkicks and ties Holland up in the top and middle rope.

He taunts Holland but Holland breaks free and runs Spears over with a clothesline.

He dumps him out of the ring and tosses him into the barricade then follows it up with a shoulder pounce and tosses Spears into the ring steps.

He separates the ring steps and clears the announce table then stands on top of one of the ring steps with Spears and chokeslams him through the announce table.

Holland gets Spears back inside the ring and grabs Spears’ chair & looks to hit Spears with it but the referee grabs it from him before he can. Spears then rolls Holland up but Holland kicks out.

Spears then lands C4 on Holland into the chair that the referee placed in the corner for the win.

Winner: Shawn Spears

Trick Williams says he usually grabs the mic and does his thing but he doesn’t really know what to say. He says he’s pissed off and feels betrayed and says family means something to him. He says he watched Carmelo Hayes’ back for 2 years with a smile on his face because that’s what brothers do. He says seeing Hayes succeed made him want to step up his game and says he wanted Hayes to be happy for him in the same way he was happy for him. He says he heard people whisper about the looks Hayes had on his face after his wins and matches and says Hayes lied straight to his face about both attacking him and being his brother.

Williams says Hayes said that the 2 of them aren’t on the same level and he was right about that because they will never be on the same level. He says he had Hayes’ back but Hayes stabbed him in his back then challenges Hayes to a match at Stand & Deliver and says he’ll make him pay for everything he’s done to him.

Meta 4’s music hits and they make their way down to the ring. Noam Dar says Williams deserved what Hayes did to him & Williams tells Dar to say what he needs to or leave him alone. Dar says Williams lost his best friend at Vengeance Day and the same thing happened 2 weeks ago to him when he lost his Heritage Cup. He says the only difference between him & Williams was that he didn’t cry and he moved onto bigger and better things. Williams warns Dar again and Dar says he wants to steal all of Williams’ hype. Dar then challenges Williams to a match next week.

Williams hits Dar and takes down Oro Mensah then Lash Legend looks to strike Williams but Williams catches her right hand and they kiss then he sends Mensah & Dar out of the ring to close out this week’s NXT.

Next Week’s NXT

Roxanne Perez vs. Tatum Paxley

Semi Final Match Of The NXT Tag Team Titles #1 Contenders Tournament
Nathan Frazer & Axiom vs. No Quarter Catch Crew (TBD & TBD)

Semi Final Match Of The NXT Tag Team Titles #1 Contenders Tournament
Hank Walker & Tank Ledger vs. Good Brothers (Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson)

Heritage Cup Title Match
Charlie Dempsey, Drew Gulak, Myles Borne or Damon Kemp (c) vs. Riley Osborne

Trick Williams vs. Noam Dar