WWE NXT Roadblock Results – March 5, 2024

The final special event stop on the road to WWE NXT Stand & Deliver 2024 goes down tonight.

WWE NXT Roadblock 2024 takes place this evening at 8/7c on the USA Network from the Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, Florida.

On tap for tonight’s show is Carmelo Hayes vs. Tony D’Angelo in a NXT Championship Eliminator, Dijak vs. Joe Gacy in an Asylum match, The Kabuki Warriors vs. Lyra Valkyria & Tatum Paxley for the Undisputed WWE Women’s Tag-Team Championships, The Wolf Dogs vs. Chase U for the NXT Tag-Team Championships, as well as Shawn Spears in action and more.

Featured below are complete WWE NXT Roadblock results from Tuesday, March 5, 2024. The following report was written by PWMania.com reporter Matt Boone (@MattBoone0709) as the show aired live from 8-10pm EST. on the USA Network.


The “WWE Then. Now. Forever. Together.” opening signature airs to get us started. We then shoot to Lexis King, who starts off the cold open video package for tonight’s special themed event. Carmelo Hayes and several others also appear in the opening video.

Asylum Match
Dijak vs. Joe Gacy

After the cold open wraps up, we shoot inside the Capitol Wrestling Center where we see the ring covered by a steel cage that is filled with weapons. Vic Joseph and Booker T welcome us to the show. The theme for Dijak hits and out he comes for our opening contest.

He settles in the cage for this Asylum match and his music dies down. The theme for Joe Gacy hits next and out comes his opponent with a goofy yellow mask on. The camera shot turns upside down as he walks to the ring. He climbs up the cage and makes a sadistic smile.

The bell sounds and we’re officially off-and-running with this one. Dijak grabs a chair and Gacy grabs a fire extinguisher. They use their weapons and it is Dijak who emerges into the early offensive lead. He hits a big slam for a pin attempt, but Gacy kicks out.

Dijak goes to open a box that says “Do Not Open” in one of the corners filled with weapons. Gacy rolls him up as he’s distracted and takes over. Gacy gets Dijak down and is also distracted by the box.

Now, Dijak takes over and finally opens the box, only for a glove on a spring to pop out and hit him and smoke to be sprayed in his face. Gacy takes over again as we head into a mid-match commercial break.

When we return from the break, we see Dijak standing on the tip-top of the steel cage — backwards. He hits a crazy moonsault for a close near fall. The fans chant “That was awesome!” Dijak pulls out a straight jacket and puts it on Gacy and locks it up. He then leans a plywood board long-ways in the corner.

Gacy fights back and pulls out a custom table painted black with a crazy emoji painted in the middle. Dijak beats Gacy down before he can use it and he looks to finish locking Gacy’s arms up in the straight jacket he put on him. He does and then proceeds to beat him down.

We see Gacy push Dijak off the top-rope through the custom table and then in the straight jacket with no use of his arms, hits a swanton bomb off the top-rope for a close near fall attempt. He breaks out of the straight jacket and goes to work on Dijak.

Now Dijak uses duct tape around the eyes and mouth of Gacy and he puts him through another table. He goes for the cover but Gacy still kicks out. Fans chant “This is crazy.” Dijak hits a Feast Your Eyes to a blinded, straight-jacketed Gacy and finally gets the pin fall victory.

Winner: Dijak

NXT World Tag-Team Championships
The Wolf Dogs (C) vs. Chase U

We see Tony D’Angelo getting a pep talk backstage from Adrianna Rizzo before his big title eliminator against Carmelo Hayes tonight. In walks Stacks with Luca Crusafino. D’Angelo offers him the consigliere position within The Family. He accepts.

Now we head to Riley Osborne, who is with Fallon Henley. Henley sticks up for Thea Hail, telling Riley she got bad advice and was told to play “hard to get” with him. Blair Davenport walks in and has words with Henley. Riley says he’s going out for Duke Hudson and Andre Chase’s match.

He does and we shoot inside the CWC where the theme for The Wolf Dogs hits and out to a big pop comes the NXT World Tag-Team Champions Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin. As they head to the ring for their latest title defense, we shift gears and head into a quick pre-match commercial break.

When we return, we see Lyra Valkyria backstage when Tatum Paxley walks up excited, telling her after tonight they’re gonna be more than friends. Lyra upsets Tatum when she says they aren’t really friends, they have a professional relationship.

Paxley mentions how she’ll do anything for them to become champions tonight. She talks about how dark she’s going to get, to the point she sounds and looks insane. Back inside the CWC, the Chase U theme hits and out comes the entire group with Andre and Duke.

The bell sounds and we’re officially off-and-running with championship action in our second match of the evening. After some early back-and-forth action, which primarily sees Andre Chase getting rag-dolled all over the place, we head into a mid-match commercial break.

When we return, we see Chase fire up on offense with Duke Hudson helping him take over. On the floor, Breakker and Hudson go flying over the commentary desk. Back inside the ring, Corbin hits Deep Six on Chase and Breakker follows up with a Spear for the win. Thea Hail takes her Chase U shirt off and leaves them by themselves afterwards.

Winners and STILL NXT World Tag-Team Champions: The Wolf Dogs

Shawn Spears vs. Uriah Connors

We see Carmelo Hayes with an extra large security team in his locker room. He is interviewed while seated, and talks softly and confidently about how he’s going to beat Tony D’Angelo tonight and head to NXT Stand & Deliver to go back-to-back with world title wins at the biggest WWE NXT show of the year for two years straight.

After Hayes wraps up, we see Shawn Spears walking the hallways. He will be in action next when we return. On that note, we head into another commercial break. When we return, he makes his way to the ring, complete with the steel chair spotlight entrance.

Already in the ring is his opponent, Uriah Connors. The bell sounds and off we go. Spears whispers something into Connors’ ear and it lights a fire under him, but still Spears, squashes him within a minute and finishes him off with his C4 finisher for the quick win.

Once the match wraps up, Spears gets on the mic and sends a message to Ridge Holland. Holland comes out and Spears welcomes him to take his frustrations out on him. Holland does exactly that, beating Spears down as fans boo. He grabs a chair but a bunch of referees stop him.

Spears smiles afterwards, borrowing a chapter out of Joe Gacy’s playbook. Backstage, we see Josh Briggs trying to warn Brooks Jensen, but Jensen is determined. In walks Dijak, who claims Briggs is lying right to Jensen’s face. We head to another break.

Winner: Shawn Spears

Undisputed WWE Women’s Tag-Team Championships
The Kabuki Warriors (C) vs. Lyra Valkyria & Tatum Paxley

When we return from the break, the theme for Lyra Valkyria hits and out comes the NXT Women’s Champion accompanied by Tatum Paxley. The two settle into the ring for their big tag-team championship opportunity against the main roster women’s tag champs.

The Kabuki Warriors’ theme hits next and out comes the reigning and defending title-holders from Damage CTRL. The bell sounds and we’re officially off-and-running with this one. Valkyria and Paxley do well early on, however when the ref is distracted, Asuka jumps on Paxley and takes over.

The fans chanted “Welcome back!” at Asuka earlier and now they are chanting “Asuka’s gonna kill you!” as she works over Paxley. She tags in Kairi Sane moments later, who picks up where she left off, taking it to Paxley. Vic Joseph says something is going on in the back. We see Thea Hail flipping out and fighting with someone.

After a few minutes of action, we see Valkyria hit the ring and help Paxley fire up on offense and take over. The two hit stereo high spots from the ring to the floor to the champs as we head into a mid-match commercial break.

When we return, after a bunch of botched spots and bad timing, we see The Kabuki Warriors retain. After the match, Roxanne Perez comes out and violently attacks Lyra Valkyria. They do a big arm injury angle with Roxanne bending Lyra’s arm over the ropes and stomping on it. We head to another break.

Winners and STILL Undisputed WWE Women’s Tag-Team Champions: The Kabuki Warriors

Fallon Henley vs. Blair Davenport

When we return from the break, we see footage of what happened with Roxanne Perez and Lyra Valkyria. Back live, we see Valkyria on a stretcher being loaded into an ambulance screaming in pain while Shawn Michaels and Ava Raine watch on.

Back inside the CWC, the theme for Fallon Henley hits and out comes the country gal ready for action. She settles into the ring and her music dies down. The theme for her opponent plays and out comes Blair Davenport. The bell sounds and off we go.

Henley starts off strong, but then Davenport starts to take over. She works over the arm of Henley on the mat with submission attempts as Henley screams out loudly in pain. On the floor, Davenport goes knee first into the steel steps. Sol Ruca returns out of nowhere and hits a spot on Blair on the floor that leads to Fallon getting the win.

Winner: Fallon Henley

No Quarter Catch Crew Talk Heritage Cup, William Regal Returns

Backstage, we see Thea Hail walk up to Chase U super worked up after getting into a fight with Kiana James and Izzi Dame earlier. She says they have a women’s tag match for next week. She says she needs a partner. She looks at Jacy Jane and says, “You?” Jane says she’s busy and walks off.

We see the No Quarter Catch Crew backstage shining up the NXT Heritage Cup Championship trophy that Charlie Dempsey won last week. Vic Joseph says we will hear from the NQCC when we return. On that note, we head into another commercial break.

When we return, we see Arianna Grace and Gigi Dolin having words in Ava Raine’s locker room. After that wraps up, we see Shawn Spears leaving Ridge Holland with a message. We then return inside the CWC where the NQCC are in the ring with the Heritage Cup. Charlie Dempsey says the Cup isn’t his alone. NQCC say they are all champions and as such, any of them can defend the Cup going forward.

The NQCC are entering the tag-team eliminator tournament that was made earlier by Ava. They vow to become NXT Tag-Team Champions at Stand & Deliver. William Regal’s theme then hits and out comes the former longtime NXT G.M. to chants of “Welcome back! Welcome back!”

A loud “That’s your father!” chant breaks out in reference to Regal’s son, Charlie Dempsey. Regal talks about how much the NXT Heritage Cup means to him because of the significance it has to the British and European scene. Dempsey says he’ll defend the Cup better than Regal ever could. Regal says “Fee-fi-fo-fum, I’ll be watching!”

NXT World Championship Eliminator
Carmelo Hayes vs. Tony D’Angelo

It’s main event time!

We shoot backstage first to see a depressed Noam Dar. The Meta-Four say they can’t do this again, dealing with a basket-case Dar. Dar reveals he’s playing possom and is actually in a surprisingly good mood. The Meta-Four are relieved. We head to a break with Tony D’Angelo walking the hallways, as our final match of the evening is up next.

As we settle back in from the break, we see Mr. Stone watching Lexis King’s digital exclusive from last week where he talks trash about him and insults his kids. Von Wagner comes in and vows he’s not done with King. Stone asks him to step aside so he can defend his family’s honor. Von says he will.

Vic Joseph and Booker T announce Shawn Spears vs. Ridge Holland and Oba Femi vs. Brooks Jensen for the North American Championship for next week’s show. Back inside the CWC, The Family theme hits and out comes “Da Don” Tony D’Angelo for his big title eliminator opportunity.

The theme for Carmelo Hayes hits and the fans boo like crazy as he comes out with his special personal security lining the entrance way. He settles into the ring to fans chanting “Car-melo sucks!” to the tune of John Cena’s theme, the way they used to do the anti-Cena chants back in the day. Hayes jumps on D’Angelo early to get this one started.

Surprisingly, D’Angelo takes over pretty quickly and begins a prolonged run in the offensive driver’s seat. As Hayes starts to take back over control of the action, we head into our final commercial break of the evening. We return from the break and a graphic flashes on the screen announcing Arianna Grace vs. Gigi Dolin for next week’s show.

Meanwhile, we see Hayes still controlling the action, which the commentators inform us has been in Hayes’ favor throughout the entire break. D’Angelo starts to take over and gets closer and closer on near fall attempts, with Hayes hanging on each time. Now Hayes is struggling to find a way to put D’Angelo away for good as well.

Hayes heads to the top-rope for his finisher and out of nowhere we hear the theme for Trick Williams play. The fans erupt with “Whoop that Trick!” chants. Hayes’ security turns and waits for him, but he never shows up. D’Angelo is waiting for Hayes to turn around. Hayes does and he walks right into the finisher from D’Angelo. D’Angelo gets the win and is headed to Stand & Deliver.

Winner and ADVANCING to NXT Championship match at NXT Stand & Deliver: Tony D’Angelo

Trick Williams Returns!

After the match, Tony D’Angelo gets on the mic and says he’s sorry for that little stunt, referring to having Trick’s theme play to cause the distraction that led to his victory. He says he’s a giving Don, however, and says he has a gift for Carmelo Hayes.

With that said, Trick’s theme plays again and Trick Williams hits the ring and beats Carmelo Hayes down as the crowd absolutely explodes. He also beats down Hayes’ security as they try and hit the ring. The show goes off the air with fans extremely loudly chanting “Whoop that Trick!” as he stands tall in the ring. Thanks for joining us!