WWE Plans To Include Sports-Centric Elements In Its Programming

It appears that WWE and the way they present their programming will change even more in 2024, as Kevin Patrick has been removed as the lead announcer of the SmackDown announce team, and the company will enter a year without Kevin Dunn running the production side of its television.

WWE recently announced the hiring of Lee Fitting as Head of Media and Production, following the departure of Dunn, the long-time WWE head of production.

Fans have noticed changes, including a video of Chelsea Green and Piper Niven confronting Kayden Carter and Katana Chance in a club. They have done similar segments with Pete Dunne and Kevin Owens.

According to PWInsider, there was talk at Monday’s RAW and at WWE headquarters about incorporating some sports-centric elements into future programming.

According to the report, “Cody Rhodes being interviewed on RAW ‘earlier today’ complete with the clock listing the time was an example given of trying to root the product in stronger realism. We are told that interviews will reflect this as well.”