WWE WrestleMania XL Saturday Sets All-Time Gate Record

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Immediately following WWE Wrestlemania Saturday, the company held a post-show press conference, where WWE Chief Content Officer Paul “Triple H” Levesque announced that the show set an all-time gate record for the company.

Although Triple H didn’t provide the specific gate number for the show, Brandon Thurston of WrestleNomics revealed that WWE’s previous record gate was $17.3 million set by WrestleMania 32.

Triple H said, “We broke our all-time single-night gate record here tonight. That is something that Nick and I and the team spend a lot of time pouring through, how to increase that but remain in that zone where anybody can come to a show. We’re not pricing our fans out of the market. We’re very conscious of making sure everybody out there can enjoy WWE. It’s not just about the money and the numbers, it’s about making sure everybody can take part.”

You can check out Triple H’s comments in the video below.

(H/T to Fightful for transcribing the above quotes)