Xavier Woods Confirms Talks About The New Day Podcast Possibly Returning

Could The New Day podcast be making a return?

There have been talks about exactly that.

Xavier Woods recently appeared on the WWE Die Woche program for an interview, during which he was told that The New Day podcast is missed, prompting him to reveal that there has been talks recently about possibly bringing the show back.

“I miss it too,” Woods said. “There are some talks. We’ve been talking about possibly bringing it back. I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up, just in case. Life got very busy for the three of us.”

Woods continued, “We have families and all the stuff we do outside of WWE, but also WWE life is very busy. The schedule is extremely demanding, so we had to put that on the back burner for a while as we focused on other things. There is a chance, there is a chance, that it might come back.”

Check out the complete interview at Facebook.com. H/T to Fightful.com for transcribing the above quotes.