Exclusive: Zayda Steel Opens Up About Heading To Japan, Being At WrestleMania Week, More

Indy wrestling star Zayda Steel recently spoke to Rich Michaels of PWMania.com for an exclusive interview. During the discussion, Steel spoke about her final matches in the US and traveling to Japan.

You can check out the complete interview below:

With WrestleMania Week in the rearview mirror, what was your favorite part of the week and your favorite match you were involved in?

“My favorite part of Mania Week was meeting so many new people, networking, and watching newer wrestling promotions that were running.

“My favorite match was easily against Marcus Mathers at H2O. Marcus is such a star and took great care of me despite my not being nice to him, haha.”

Can you talk about your feelings and emotions that you felt in your final match at Dreamwave?

“Dreamwave will always hold a special place in my heart, so having my final match there before leaving for Japan was bittersweet. The hug I gave Brittnie at the end was not planned; I just felt it in the moment.”

When is your official last match here in the US before going to Japan?

“My last official match will be at MLW on May 11th, but that won’t air until later in the month. My last live match, you can say, is CZW Limelight 25 on May 5th, in which I will be wrestling Cosmic.”

Can you talk about what it means to have your last live match at CZW, which is also very near and dear to you?

“Absolutely! It’s no secret that CZW is where I really got my start, not only having my debut there but also gaining my confidence. I owe a lot to CZW because, without it, I wouldn’t have grown at the rate I have. I’ve built such a great bond with the crowd, who have legit seen me grow from day 1! That’s why I knew I wanted to stop by CZW one last time before I went overseas.”

How did going to Japan come about?

“I was on my way home from an MLW taping, and I got the email from Rossy & Sonny about it. I don’t know why they chose me or how they even discovered me, but it literally came out of nowhere!”

Can you talk about the inaugural show for Marigold you are taking part in?

Regarding the Inaugural Marigold show that’s taking place on May 20, they are releasing the full card this weekend (May 5th). I assume I’ll be in a tag match, but who knows?

“I don’t know much of what’s going on for the show. I’m finding out through social media like everyone else. All I can say is I’m very excited, and no matter who I’m wrestling with, I’m bringing a new version of Zayda Steel to Marigold!”

What other promotions in Japan would you like to or are you scheduled to work with?

There are so many great promotions in Japan and amazing women I would love to wrestle with, but my main focus and why I’m out there is to help build Marigold.”

Are there any superstars in Japan you would love to have a match with or call out?

Besides growing in the ring and obviously winning gold, my top goal is stepping in the ring with Giulia! When I first discovered Stardom and really got into Japanese wrestling, Giulia was one of the first people I gravitated toward. I loved her feud with Hanna! So, I’m hoping Giulia and I can cross paths during my time in Japan!

Steel has impacted Indy Wrestling in such a short period. At only 20 years old, the sky is the limit for Steel. We at PWMania wish Zayda the best in Japan and know she will do great things there!