AEW Collision Review – January 13, 2024

AEW Collision Review – January 13, 2024

Kicking off Collision with Adam Copeland spotted a sign noting that it was a fan’s first time seeing him. Copeland told the fan it was good to meet him. Copeland asked who would step up for his open challenge.

Lee Moriarty walks out and Shane Taylor followed. Taylor said that if Copeland wanted a fight all he had to do was ask. Taylor said Shane Taylor Promotions is the baddest fight team on the planet. Taylor praised Moriarty and set up a video package on him.

Once in the ring Moriarty said he’s the prize fighter of STP and one of the best young technicians in the world. He said he would prove it by making Copeland tap out in the middle of my ring. Copeland said Moriarty better be able to back up the check he was trying to cash or he would beat the hell out of him.

Adam Copeland vs. Lee Moriarty

Lee Moriarty hits a 2nd rope missile dropkick heading into a picture in picture break.

After the break Copeland went on the offensive but Moriarty caught him on the ropes and arm drags him.

Moriarty puts Copeland in Border City Stretch which Copeland broke by reaching the ropes.

Copeland regrouped and threw punches to Moriarty’s injured area, then hits a fallaway slam from the middle rope.

Copeland set up for a spear but he was distracted by Shane Taylor jawing at him. Moriarty used the distraction to hits Copeland with a big boot in the corner.

Copeland slips out to ringside and spears Taylor before Moriarty kicks Copeland from the ring. Back inside the ring Moriarty puts Copeland in the Border City Stretch.

Copeland rolls out of it and they traded punches but Copeland got the better of it then threw elbow strikes at Moriarty until the referee stepped in.

The referee let Moriarty continue before Copeland kicks Moriarty and eventually locks in Grindhouse to get the submission win.

Winner By Submission: Adam Copeland

After the match Copeland took the mic and told TNT Champion Christian Cage that he’s still coming for his scrawny ass. Copeland went to ringside and took a selfie with the fan who had the sign noting that he was seeing him for the 1st time.

Backstage Lexy Nair interviewed FTR & Daniel Garcia and asked if they could get along. FTR said he thought they could get along after what happened last week. Garcia said Collision is where he needs to be if he wants to grow. He added that House Of Black would finally get what they have coming to them.

After the break we go backstage where Lexy Nair is Le Sex Gods & Sammy Guevara said Ricky Starks & Big Bill have been great AEW World Tag Team Champions but their reign would end tonight. Chris Jericho said they would take it to the streets of Norfolk and said they would walk out as AEW World Tag Team Champions.

ROH 6 Man Tag Team Titles Match
Mogul Embassy (Brian Cage, Bishop Kaun & Toa Liona) (c) vs. The Righteous (Vincent & Dutch) & Lance Archer

Brian Cage & Lance Archer starts this match with Cage hits a German suplex on Archer before tagging out before both teams brawled heading into a PIP break.

After the break Dutch hits Bossman Slam on Toa Liona then hits a flip over the top rope onto Mogul Embassy on the floor.

Archer set up for Blackout on Bishop Kaun but Prince Nana grabs Kaun to stop it. Roberts ran over and punched out Nana.

Liona drills Vincent with a shoulder block as Kaun had Vincent beat but Cage broke up the pin.

Kaun & Vincent traded two counts before Kaun hits Vincent with Pedigree to get the win.

Winners & Still ROH 6 Man Tag Team Champions: Mogul Embassy (STILL CHAMPIONS!!!!)

After the match Nana took the mic and said his men were the greatest ROH 6 Man Tag Team Champions of all time. He said the Bang Bang Gang wants 6 Man Tag Team Titles but they have a boss who couldn’t beat Swerve Strickland in the Continental Classic. Nana challenged Bullet Club Gold to a ROH 6 Man Tag Team Titles Match for Dynamite.

Lexy Nair interviewed Preston Vance while Jose The Assistant stood by before Undisputed Kingdom’s Roderick Strong, Matt Taven & Mike Bennett interrupted. Vance said when he beats Orange Cassidy, he’ll give Strong all the time he wants while kicking his ass too.

Dustin Rhodes vs. Willie Mack

Willie Mack caught Dustin Rhodes with a leaping kick early then followed up with a standing moonsault for a two count. Mack went for 6 Star Frog Splash that Rhodes avoided.

Rhodes hits a Destroyer and followed up with a powerslam for a two count then Rhodes hits Cross Rhodes follow by Final Reckoning for the win.

Winner: Dustin Rhodes

After the match Rhodes helps Mack to his feet and hugs him.

Backstage Bullet Club Gold applauded as they acted impressed and then said they would take the ROH 6 Man Tag Team Titles home with them on Wednesday.

Hook was shown arriving backstage as we go to a break.

After the break Dustin Rhodes was interviewed by Renee Paquette before TNT Champion Christian Cage, The Waynes & Killshot interrupted. Cage told Rhodes that if he’s a friend of Copeland then he’s an enemy of his. Rhodes got fired up while talking about being a 35 year veteran and how he’s wanted the TNT Title since he arrived in AEW.

Cage said it’s a shame that Rhodes’ father isn’t around to see him try to fulfill his dream. Christian said Rhodes’ father is a legend yet no one uses that word to describe Rhodes. Rhodes told Cage that a storm is coming for him and he’s going to tap dance all over his ass.

Hangman Page vs. JD Drake

Hangman Page hits a standing shooting star press on JD Drake and got a two count then Drake rolls to the apron and regroups with Anthony Henry.

Page kicks Drake from behind as Page tried to dive onto The Workhorsemen but they moved. Drake threw Page into the ropes and punched him heading into a PIP break.

After the break Page hits a top rope crossbody for a two count then Page puts Drake down with a Death Valley Driver for a near fall.

Page sold low back pain then fails to get Drake up for Deadeye but he was able to hit a back body drop.

Drake came back and hit a cannonball in the corner before Page avoided his top rope moonsault attempt. Page went to the apron and jumps over Henry’s attempt to interfere.

Page moonsaulted off the apron onto Henry then rushed back to the apron and hits Buckshot Lariat for the victory.

Winner: Hangman Page

Deonna Purrazzo vs. Red Velvet

Deonna Purrazzo caught Red Velvet in an Fujiwara armbar but Velvet reached the ropes and slid to the floor.

Purrazzo kicks her through the ropes and sent her back inside the ring then Purrazzo locks in a Koji Clutch that Velvet broke by rolling on top of her.

Velvet bent Purrazzo’s arm and then stomped it as she picks up a two count.

Purrazzo eventually came back with 2 pump kicks and a Russian leg sweep follow by Venus De Milo for the submission win.

Winner By Submission: Deonna Purrazzo

Non Title Match
FTW Champion Hook vs. Kevin Matthews

Kevin Matthews charges at Hook but he moves causing Matthews to crash into the corner.

They ended up at ringside where Hook suplexes Matthews on the ramp.

Hook tossed Matthews back inside the ring and followed him then locks in Redrum for the submission win.

Winner By Submission: FTW Champion Hook

After the match Hook looks into the camera and told AEW World Champion Samoa Joe that he would see him on Wednesday.

Trios Match
House Of Black (Malakai Black, Buddy Matthews & Brody King) vs. FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) & Daniel Garica

Malakai Black had Daniel Garcia down when Black teased doing Garcia’s dance then flips him off.

FTR & Garica returned the favor by sitting crosslegged in the ring while Dax Harwood flips double birds to House Of Black heading into a PIP break.

After the break House of Black controlled the offense heading into another PIP break.

After the 2nd break House Of Black set up for moves from the ropes as Cash Wheeler broke free from Buddy Matthews then helps Harwood knock Brody King off the ropes.

Garcia got Black in electric chair position then tags Harwood & he went up top and bulldogs Black which led to a near fall.

Harwood sets up Black for a move from the ropes while Wheeler wanted in another corner. Matthews took out Wheeler but Garcia took his place on the ropes.

Harwood superplexed Black as Garcia went for a top rope splash but Black put his knees up. Black puts Harwood in a kneebar but Harwood reached the ropes to break it.

King ran Wheeler into the barricade at ringside then sat him on a chair and splashed him.

In the ring Harwood & Black fought on the ropes as Black got help from Matthews and knocks Harwood down. Black hits a dive onto Garcia on the floor.

Matthews powerbombs Harwood and picks him up and did it again for a two count before Garcia came back with a backslide for a two count. Harwood put Matthews down with a piledriver for a near fall.

Harwood tried to stop Black from returning to the ring but he gave up on him and went to the opposite side to prevent King from returning.

King shoved Harwood into Black’s Black mass then Matthews follows up with Curb Stomp on Harwood for the victory.

Winners: House Of Black

After the match Matt Menard checks on Garcia at ringside as King attacks Menard and then threw him inside the ring where he was surrounded by House Of Black. Black took out Menard with Black mass. Wheeler & Garcia cleared King & Mathews from the ring with chairs. King returns to the ring and Garcia & Harwood elevated King while Wheeler caps off Shatter Machine.

The cameras cut to the back lot where Ricky Starks & Big Bill were brawling with Le Sex Gods near a production truck to lead into Battle Of The Belts.