AEW Collision Review – July 8, 2023

AEW Collision Review – July 8, 2023

Kicking off this week’s Collision with brief comments from Ricky Starks, Powerhouse Hobbs, Samoa Joe & CM Punk.

CM Punk made his entrance & he asked if it was great to be alive on a Saturday night in Regina. Punk said he had a big match against Samoa Joe and wouldn’t take up too much time.

Punk noted that they were in Stampede Country. He labelled his match with Samoa Joe as the biggest match of his career. Punk said it’s not the Finals and he’s not overlooking Hobbs or Starks. Punk said he had scars from his battles with Joe.

Punk told the crowd he wanted to cheer for something bigger and got the crowd to chant for Owen Hart. Punk said that if it wasn’t for Owen Hart, he & others in the locker room might not be here. Punk walked over to the Owen Hart Cup. He noted that he’s a hockey guy. Punk said he was touching the trophy, not because he deserves it but rather because he will earn it.

Punk said he couldn’t promise a victory because he’d never beaten Joe and a lot of people say he never will. Punk said that win, lose or draw, he will pour his heart out and leave everything in the ring for himself, the fans and Owen before Punk kissed the Cup and headed to the back.

Kevin Kelly set up a video package that included clips of past Punk vs. Joe matches along with new comments from both men. Punk noted that he’s never beaten Joe and said that means he has nothing to lose. Punk vowed that he will beat Joe.

Semi Final Match Of The 2023 Owen Hart Cup
Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Ricky Starks

Ricky Starks clotheslines Powerhouse Hobbs over the top rope and then struck his pose before Hobbs took offensive control and sent Starks crashing into the corner as we head into a picture in picture break.

After the break Hobbs threw multiple clotheslines at Starks in the corner then Hobbs hoisted up Starks on his shoulders and climbed onto the middle rope but Starks slips out and powerbombs Hobbs before covering him for a two count.

Starks went for a tornado DDT and slips on the ropes before he hits the DDT. Starks ran the ropes and was distracted by QT Marshall grabbing his foot.

Hobbs puts Starks down with a spinebuster and got a visual pinfall while the referee was trying to get Marshall off the apron.

Hobbs wasn’t pleased with Marshall. Starks ran Hobbs into Marshall & he fell off the apron then Starks nails the Spear to get the win.

Winner: Ricky Starks

After the match Starks celebrates at ringside and made his exit as Marshall enters the ring and tried to apologize to Hobbs but he shoves him to the mat. Aaron Solo enters the ring and tried to play peacemaker but Hobbs puts him down with a spinebuster. Harley Cameron enters the ring and knelt down in front of Marshall & he was begging off by the ropes as Hobbs exits the ring.

Miro delivered a pre taped promo. He said no one can hurt the man who has nothing left to covet. He said he can’t be tempted by a shiny belt, a false god or a double joined hot wife. Miro said he senses a battle is coming and it’s the one we’ve all been waiting for.

Tony Schiavone stood with Willow Nightingale and noted that she was medically unable to compete due to an injury suffered in Japan before Athena shows up and questioned the legitimacy of the injury. She also mocked Nightingale for losing the NJPW Strong Women’s Title. Nightingale said she would win the tournament and might go after Athena’s ROH Women’s Title. Athena played up the possibility that Nightingale might not be cleared in time for their rescheduled match on Rampage.

A video package aired on the Blackpool Combat Club vs. The Elite feud and their upcoming Blood & Guts match. Kelly said they would take a closer look at the match on Dynamite. Kelly also played up the question of which wrestlers would join the 2 sides before the upcoming match.

Julia Hart vs. Bambi Hall

End of the match happens when Hart locks in Hartless & Bambi Hall taps out.

Winner By Submission: Julia Hart

A Malakai Black video aired. He spoke about stealing Andrade El Idolo’s mask. Black said El Idolo doesn’t become who he is until he takes off the mask whereas he has to wear his own mask to hide who he really is. Black said he would teach El Idolo that he is better without the mask than he ever was when he wore it.

Backstage Andrade El Idolo was interviewed by Lexi Nair. Nair asked what El Idolo’s mask means to him. El Idolo said he’s a businessman and questioned if Black thinks he hides behind his mask. El Idolo said he’s not a coward like Black. El Idolo said the the mask is about his family, his culture, and all Latin people

Non Title Match
AEW World Tag Team Champions FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) vs. Bullet Club Gold (Juice Robinson & Jay White)

If Bullet Club Gold wins they get a AEW World Tag Team Titles Match.

Both teams ended up inside the ring together and threw punches before FTR hits simultaneous suplexes which led to Bullet Club Gold heading to the floor. FTR follows them and brawled heading into a PIP break.

After the break Cash Wheeler was isolated before Wheeler inched closer for a tag but Juice Robinson went after Dax Harwood on the apron. Harwood fought him off but Wheeler was unable to make the tag. Wheeler clotheslines Robinson back to the floor. White sends Wheeler over the top rope to the floor heading into another PIP break.

After the 2nd break Harwood finally took the hot tag and works over Bullet Club Gold then Harwood sent Robinson to the floor and then caught White in an inside cradle for a near fall. Harwood followed up with 2 German suplexes on White. He went for a 3rd but White stuffed it. Harwood put White down with a brainbuster for another near fall.

Harwood set up White for a move from the ropes but Robinson returns and knocks Harwood down. Wheeler dumps Robinson on the apron. Harwood cuts White off on the ropes and then superplexed him. Wheeler follows with a top rope splash. Harwood made the cover for another near fall.

Harwood made a blind tag. FTR teamed up for a spike piledriver on White. Harwood had him beat but Robinson returned to break up the pin. Wheeler went after Robinson but he sent Wheeler through the ropes and to the floor. White tags in and got a near fall on Harwood following a Regal Plex.

White put Wheeler down with a uranage slam before he went for the same move on Harwood but he counters into an armdrag. Harwood hits a slingshot powerbomb for a another near fall. Harwood blasted White with an uppercut and covers him for another two count.

Harwood ran the ropes and was put down by Robinson & he hits him with a leg lariat so Wheeler came and went after Robinson but White put Wheeler down with a Blade Runner. White & Harwood were left alone in the ring. Both men traded elbow strikes & chops.

Robinson tags in & Harwood tried to fight off both men then Harwood rolls up White but the referee didn’t count because White wasn’t the legal man before Robinson puts Harwood down with The Juice Is Loose for the win.

Winners: Bullet Club Gold (Recommend) (Since Bullet Club Gold won they get a AEW World Tag Team Titles Match)

A video package set up Luchasaurus vs. Shawn Spears for the TNT Title for Battle Of The Belts 7.

Backstage Tony Schiavone attempted to interview AEW World Tag Team Champions FTR before they could speak Bullet Club Gold shows up. White boasted that they’ve beaten FTR in 2 matches now. White called for a 2 Out Of 3 Falls match for the AEW World Tag Team Titles. Harwood accepts and then both teams shook hands.

Scoripo Sky vs. Action Andretti

Action Andretti sends Scoripo Sky to ringside and hit him with a suicide dive. Andretti sends Sky back inside the ring and ends up putting him down for a two count with a standing Spanish Fly. Andretti caps off a series of kicks with a shotgun dropkick.

Andretti went for a top rope move but Sky held his knees up before Andretti counters a Sky move attempt into a pin for a near fall but Sky came right back with a TKO to get the victory.

Winner: Scoripo Sky

After the match Sky started to leave the ring and then decided to return and help Andretti up from the mat.

Semi Final Of The 2023 Owen Hart Cup
CM Punk vs. Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe stood in his corner and jaws at CM Punk but he smirked back at him. Punk ducks an kick from Joe then ducks between the ropes and smiled. Punk ducks a big chop from Joe before Punk & Joe locked fingers.

Joe put Punk down on his knees but Punk powers up to his feet and kicked Joe. Punk went for an early dive from the ropes but Joe casually walks away while Punk crashes & burns.

Joe went to work on Punk with chops and kicks. Joe threw a series of punches at Punk, who ended up seated on the mat in a corner of the ring. Joe pulls Punk to his feet. Punk threw forearms and chops at him.

Punk ran the rope and was knock down by a Joe elbow. Punk returns the favor by catching Joe with an elbow. Punk went to the ropes but Joe knocks him to the floor with a chop heading into a PIP break.

After the break he & Joe were back inside the ring. Punk caught Joe with a leg lariat and then follows up with a high knee in the corner. Punk went for a bulldog out of the corner but Joe stops and puts him in a rear naked choke but Punk escapes by dumping Joe with a side suplex. Punk hits Joe with 3 high knees in the corner. Punk clotheslines Joe and then went up top rope & hits a elbow drop and got a near fall.

Punk signals for Go 2 Sleep and then hoisted up Joe on his shoulders but Joe slips out and applied a crossface in the middle of the ring. Punk struggles and to his foot on the bottom rope to break the hold.

Joe threw a couple of Kawada kicks at Punk and set him up for a powerbomb but Punk slips out and went for a Go 2 Sleep but Joe avoided it and powerslams him for a near fall.

Punk blasted Joe with a kick and covers him for a near fall. Punk went up top and was cut off by Joe & he grabs him for a Muscle Buster but Punk fought free and ended up hitting a neckbreaker. Punk went for a Go 2 Sleep but Joe escaped. Joe went for a rear naked choke but Punk counters into a rollup to get the win.

Winner: CM Punk (He will face Ricky Starks in the Finals)

After the match Joe stood in the ring and looks to the fans & they were chanting Owen Hart. Joe offers Punk a handshake which Punk apprehensively accepted. Joe suddenly grabs Punk and put him in the Coquina Clutch. Joe yells that he’s always been better than Punk, who passed out.

Joe went to ringside and grabs a chair but FTR ran out. Ricky Starks walks onto the stage and looks at Punk to close out this week’s Collision.

Finals (July 15th)

CM Punk vs. Ricky Starks

Matches Of The Night

Non Title Match- 8/10

CM Punk vs. Samoa Joe- 7/10