AEW Rampage: Beach Break Results – July 5, 2024

The following report was written by Cory Strode and

The commentary team is Tony Schiavone, Excalibur, and Don Callis.

Komander w/Alex Abrahantes vs Rush

Komander asks for a handshake, foolishly, Rush answers by pie facing and slamming him. They run the ropes and Komander gets a Tejaris. Rush goes to the floor and Rush pulls Komander off the apron, and then beats him down outside the ring. Rush goes to use a chair and when the ref tells him to stop, he shoves it in the ring. The ref gets rid of the chair and Rush uses a camera cable to Komander.

When Komander gets in the ring, Rush continues the beat down and just dominates Komander. Komander tries for a sunset flip, but it doesn’t work, so he comes off the ropes with a spinning DDT. Rush goes to the floor and Komander tries for a hurricanrana. Rush blocks it and Rush is able to swing Komander into the barricade as we go to picture in picture.

When we return to full screen, Rush is beating down Komander in the corner. Komander avoids a bull’s horns while in the Tree of Woe. Komander gets a tornado from the top. He dropkicks Rush’s knee and Rush rolls to the floor. Komander dives on Rush, who nearly goes over the announce desk. Komander hits a moonsault from the apron.

Rush is rolled into the ring and Komander hits a shooting star press from the top. Komander gets a crucifix bomb for two. Komander gets in a few kicks and strikes, but Rush hits a headbutt to cut him off. Rush gets an avalanche suplex, pulling Komander in from the apron from the second rope for two. They move to the apron, and Komander tries to fight, but Rush suplexes him to the floor.

Rush pulls Komander into the ring by his mask and sets Komander up in the corner. This time, he hits the bull’s horns for the pin and the win.

Winner: Rush

After the match, Rush brings Komander to ringside and drop him at Don Callis’s feet.

Konosuke Takeshita comes out as Rush goes to the back.

Konosuke Takeshita and Kyle Fletcher vs Private Party (Quen and Zay)

Private Party is attacked from behind during their entrance. Zay is rolled into the ring and Fletcher throws hands. Zay is able to get a casadora, and a pair of arm drags. Zay hits a tejaris on Fletcher, who goes into a neck snap on the top rope and a dropkick from the top by Zay. Quen tags in and Fletcher slams him. Takeshita is tagged in and he whips Quen into the corner.

Quen fights out of the corner, hits a moonsault press for one. Takeshita tries to suplex Quen. Zay joins Quen and Takeshita suplexes them both. Fletcher tags in and he stacks up Private Party and Takeshita hits a senton from the top as we go to picture in picture.

When we return to full screen, Quen has been the babyface in peril through the break. Quen finally gets the hot tag and Zay runs wild. After a dive to the floor and a Shark hat, Zay goes for a 450, but Fletcher gets his knee up. Takeshita is able to get a tossing German Suplex Zay. Takeshita and Fletcher get stereo brainbusters for two.

Private Party get a gin and juice on Takeshita when Takeshita had set up Zay for a power bomb off the top. They then hit Silly String on Fletcher. Quen goes to the top for a 450 on Takeshita for two. Zay is tagged in and they whip Takeshita into the ropes and he takes them out with successive clotheslines. Fletcher tags in and Quen is tagged in, Quen is able to reverse a power bomb into a two count.

Fletcher dodges an insigiri and gets a half-and-half suplex. Zay comes into the ring to try to attack Fletcher, but Takeshita cuts him off with a blue thunder bomb. Fletcher is able to hit Quen with a tombstone for the pin and the pin.

Winners: Konosuke Takeshita and Kyle Fletcher

Don Callis says he has been conducting some business and gives us a video of him and Rush. Don puts over how he has been able to help people and Rush should join him.

Callis leaves commentary and Roderick Strong joins. Mike Bennett and Matt Taven are with him.

Kyle O’Reilly vs The Already in the Ring GPA.

GPA gets a little offense at the start of the match, working over Kyle’s neck. Kyle locks on the jugi gitame and GPA taps out immediately.

Winner: Kyle O’Reilly

Roddy, Taven and Bennett get in the ring to celebrate with Kyle, and Kyle leaves immediately.

Samoa Joe cuts a promo about Chris Jericho, and asks how much faith Jericho has in the medical staff, because he is going to beat him down and torture him. Does Jericho have enough faith that anyone can stop him from destroying Jericho?

Fantastic promo.

We then get a movie trailer promo from Toni Storm for her match with Trish Adora on Collision.

Mariah May w/Toni Storm and Luther vs Hikaru Shida in an Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Semi-Final.

They lock up and break immediately. They lock up again and neither gets an advantage so they break. May gets a side headlock takeover and Shida head scissors out of it. Shida lays in a series of blows, backing May into the corner. Shida lays in blows, but May shoves her off and hits a dropkick. May lays in chops, and Shida reverses. May gets a snap mare and a kick for two.

May gets a German suplex and then puts Shida in the ropes. May tries for a power bomb to the floor and Shida reverses it into a hurricanrana. May is put on the apron and Shida hits a running knee lift. Shida and Storm have words as we go to picture in picture.

When we return to full screen, May hits a sling balde and follows with a running knee. May puts Shida on the top and gets a hurricanrana. May hits a shotgun dropkick from the top for two. May whips Shida to the corner. Shida puts her up and over and gets an insigiri on May. Shida gets a suplex over the top from the second rope into the ring for two.

Shida hits a series of blows to batter May to her knees, but May is able to get a side slam when Shida comes off the ropes. Shida blocks the hip attack and gets a German suplex. May gets a suplex of her own and Shida rolls through and gets a falcon arrow for one. May gets a back suplex and calls for the hip attack.

This time she hits it and sets for the Storm Zero. Shida reverses it and they trade rollups. May gets a headbutt and May gets a rollup with a bridge for the pin and the win.

Winner and moving on to the Owen Hart Tournament Finals: Mariah May