AEW Rampage Review – July 7, 2023

AEW Rampage Review – July 7, 2023

Trios Match
Hung Bucks (Hangman Page, Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) vs. Dark Order (Evil Uno, John Silver & Alex Reynolds)

Nick Jackson delivers a shoulder tackle to John Silver before Alex Reynolds fires back with one of his own then clocks Hangman Page on the apron. Page tags in and Reynolds delivers a boot to his midsection. He looks for a right hand but Reynolds slides out of the ring. Matt delivers a kick off the apron then tags in Page.

He delivers a moonsault off the ropes to Reynolds on the outside then hands him over to Matt in the ring. Reynolds lands a back elbow before Matt delivers a series of suplexes to him. Silver looks to help Reynolds out but Matt catches him & Reynolds with a double suplex.

Page tags in and delivers a Buckle Bomb to Reynolds as Young Bucks deliver simultaneous kicks. Nick tags in and sends Reynolds into the top turnbuckle face first then tags in Matt. Evil Uno tags in and fires off kicks on Matt’s midsection in the corner. Silver tags in and whips Matt in the corner. Matt looks to tag out but Reynolds and Uno pull Nick & Page off the apron as we go to a break.

After the break Matt delivers a crossbody to Silver & Uno on the outside then he slides back in the ring and looks to tag out but Reynolds prevents him from doing that. Matt fights him off and tags in Page. Reynolds delivers a boot to Page’s face then levels an interfering Silver before landing a flying clothesline to Reynolds off the middle rope. He goes for a pin, but Reynolds kicks out.

Dark Order triple teams on Page before The Elite does the same to Uno then Page delivers a standing Shooting Star Press to Uno and Matt levels Reynolds with a Code Red. Page tags in and delivers a rebound lariat before Matt lands an elbow off the top then goes for a pin but Reynolds kicks out.

Reynolds sends Matt crashing into Nick. Reynolds & Silver look for the Stunner/German Suplex/Jackknife Comb but Matt blocks it. Young Bucks then hits Meltzer Driver on Reynolds and Matt goes for a pin but Uno breaks the fall.

Page & Uno tag in & they go back & forth with right hands before Page lands a clothesline. Page looks for the Buckshot Lariat on Uno but Uno pulls the referee between himself & Page. Konosuke Takeshita tries to get involved but the referee catches him.

While he is distracted Uno delivers a low blow. Claudio Castagnoli then appears out of nowhere and catches Page with an uppercut allowing Uno to then pin Page for the win.

Winners: Dark Order

After the match Castagnoli & Takeshita grab a pair of chairs and look to beat down The Elite with them but Kenny Omega runs down with a chair in hand and makes the save.

Quarter Final Match Of The AEW World Tag Team Titles #1 Contenders Tournament
Jericho Appreciation Society (Daniel Garica & Sammy Guevara) vs. Matt Hardy & Jeff Jarrett

Match starts off with Daniel Garcia does his signature dance then Matt Hardy does his delete symbol and they go back & forth until they lock up. Garcia fires off right hands on Hardy’s midsection but Hardy responds with a back elbow and catapults Garcia into the ropes.

Jeff Jarrett tags in and looks for a double back elbow with Hardy but Garcia avoids it and tags in Sammy Guevara. Jarrett delivers a kick to his midsection then lands an arm drag. Guevara fires back with a dropkick and sends Jarrett crashing to the outside then goes flying. Jarrett ducks out of the way and Guevara is sent crashing into Jay Lethal as we go to a break.

After the break Hardy & Garcia tag in & Hardy fires off headbutts and a pair of elbow strikes then connects with 3 Faces Of Deletion then Garcia responds with a back elbow but Hardy delivers Splash Mountain and sets up for Twist Of Fate but Garcia avoids it.

Guevara tags in and Lethal slides Hardy Jarrett’s guitar but Hardy passes it back out to him and they begin to argue & this allows for Garcia to tag in & Guevara hits Hardy with GTH to get the win.

Winners: Jericho Appreciation Society (They will face Orange Cassidy & Darby Allin in the Semi Finals)

After the match Jarrett, Lethal, Sonjay Dutt & Satnam Singh surround Hardy in the ring. Lethal, Dutt & Jarrett begin to beat him down but Brother Zay runs down to make the save. Singh nails Brother Zay with a chokeslam before Ethan Page runs down to help out Hardy & Brother Zay. He sets up for Ego’s Edge on Lethal but Lethal evades the maneuver with some help from Singh.

Hikaru Shida vs. Marina Shafir

Match starts off with a lock up then Hikaru Shida fires off forearms and a dropkick before Marina Shafir trips Shida and fires off kicks then delivers a hip toss and gets Shida up on her shoulders. She plants her then goes for a pin but Shida kicks out. Shida lands a forearm but Shafir responds with one of her own.

She rains down right hands then delivers a knee to her head and ascends to the top rope then she looks to go flying but Shafir ducks out of the way and cinches in an Ankle Lock but Shida quickly escapes and plants Shafir with a Falcon Arrow then follows it up with Katana for the win.

Winner: Hikaru Shida

We then head backstage to Renee Paquette is with TBS Champion Kris Statlander & she informs the women’s division that she’s willing to face anyone at any time and any place for her TBS Title.

Quarter Final Match Of The AEW World Tag Team Titles #1 Contenders Tournament
Brian Cage & Big Bill vs. Trent Beretta & Matt Sydal

Brian Cage shoves Matt Sydal then Sydal looks to catch him with a kick but Cage tosses him into the corner. Sydal manages to roll Cage up but Cage kicks out and delivers a shoulder tackle.

Trent Beretta & Big Bill tag in & Beretta executes a series of chops but Bill responds with a right hand to his midsection. Beretta low bridges Bill out of the ring then looks for a tope suicida. Bill catches him and chokeslams him onto the apron then he sends him into the ring post spine first then delivers a fallaway slam as we go to a break.

After the break Sydal tags in and fires off kicks on Cage then Sydal responds with a reverse Canadian Destroyer before the action spills to the outside and Cage dumps Sydal into the crowd. Beretta catches Cage with a Spear and Sydal pounces on Bill to level him.

Beretta & Sydal toss Bill & Cage into the ring and look to fly but Bill & Cage catch them both and level them then go for a double pin but Beretta & Sydal kicks out before Beretta hits Bill with a half nelson suplex. Sydal delivers a knee to Cage’s jaw then ascends to the top and looks for a Meteora.

Cage catches him and executes a Buckle Bomb then sits him on the top turnbuckle and joins him up there. Beretta ascends the ropes and delivers a suplex then plants him with a piledriver. Sydal then delivers the double knees and goes for a pin but Cage kicks out.

Bill gets in the ring and sets up for a double chokeslam on Beretta & Sydal but Beretta & Sydal hit him with a double superkick but Bill nails both of them with a double clothesline. He delivers another chokeslam to Beretta before delivering a lariat/powerbomb combination with Cage to Sydal for the win.

Winners: Brain Cage & Big Bill (They will face MJF & Adam Cole in the Semi Finals)