AEW’s Partnership With TNA (Impact Wrestling) Was Allegedly “Really Not That Good”

TNA (Impact Wrestling) head referee Daniel Spencer and former TNA referee Brian Hebner discussed TNA’s partnership with WWE versus its previous partnership with AEW on the Rewind Relive Recap podcast.

Spencer stated, “I feel like the relationship with WWE and TNA just makes more sense. I know Brian [Hebner] was there, and we both were there when we had the other brand partnership, or whatever, with the other company. That crossover with the other company, and it was okay. But I just feel like this one, is the right one. Not to say the other one wasn’t. Maybe it was right at that time, but it’s not right, right now, what’s right now is what we’re doing. I’m excited. I can’t wait to see where it takes us.”

Hebner also gave his thoughts, “That old partnership you’re talking about, I’ll say it, with AEW was really not that good. It was a give and take. It was all give and we take nothing. That’s what it really did amount to. I don’t know if it was, I don’t know all that aspect. I just know that I was a little bit back in the back scenes because I was traveling and doing all the stuff that we were doing mixed with AEW. I just felt like matches were, they weren’t fair. It was just all about their talent getting over. Where I feel like WWE is not in it like that. I don’t feel like, Jordynee Grace is going to win their title while she has TNA’s, but I do feel like they’re going to give her a fair shake and make her look really, really good. That’s all I’m sure TNA is asking.”