Ashley Massaro’s Friend Claims Stephanie McMahon Was Aware Of Alleged Rape

Following the death of former WWE star Ashley Massaro in 2019, an affidavit was made public in which she claimed WWE covered up the fact that she was sexually assaulted on a military base in 2007, and WWE denied knowing about the allegations.

Earlier this month, John Laurinaitis’ lawyer, Edward Brennan, spoke on the matter and stated the following:

“Any allegations that Mr. Laurinaitis helped to cover up an alleged rape allegation is an outright lie. Johnny, like most upper level management at sometime became aware of the allegations and ensured all proper WWE protocols were followed, including privacy for the alleged victim. We object to the use of the term cover up as no such plan or plot ever took place to hide or assist in the alleged rape.”

Massaro’s friend Cara Pipia spoke to NewsNation this week and discussed the alleged rape:

“She [Massaro] spoke with Vince McMahon many times. Vince had his daughter [Stephanie] take his place because she was a female, a woman, and to make Ashley comfortable. And they just played with her. They played with her because everything that Stephanie said made her feel comfortable. Safe. As soon as they walked into this board room meeting, Ashley was on her own completely. And she was threatened, and there was no… there was no compassion. There was no sympathy. There was nothing.”