Backstage News On AJ Styles’ Return To WWE TV

(Photo Credit: WWE)

WWE will bring a notable name back to television in 2024, ahead of next month’s Royal Rumble premium live event. It also comes as WWE is riding high after Survivor Series, which saw the return of CM Punk and Randy Orton.

AJ Styles hasn’t worked a match since the September 15 SmackDown episode, when he defeated Finn Balor. When the Bloodline attacked him, the former WWE star was written off the show.

Styles has been rumored to be returning to WWE television soon, though his return has been repeatedly postponed, including last week’s SmackDown, where he was locally advertised at one point.

PWInsider’s Mike Johnson stated on his Hotline show that Styles’ return is just a matter of WWE creative figuring out plans for him, and that he could be back any week now. The original plan called for him to return three weeks ago.

Given the recent returns of CM Punk and Randy Orton, it made sense for WWE to postpone it.