Backstage News On Giulia Heading To WWE

WWE plans to sign a notable free agent this year, but they will have to wait for the star to begin training at the Performance Center.

WWE has maintained a significant amount of interest in Giulia for months, as it was widely believed that the company had made her an offer. For months, it was known that AEW was not in the running to sign her, as it came down to joining WWE or staying with NJPW.

The STARDOM star is on her way to WWE with her STARDOM contract expiring in March. However, she will assist STARDOM founder Rossy Ogawa, who recently left the promotion, with his new promotion before moving to WWE.

Dave Meltzer discussed the situation on Wrestling Observer Radio, as well as Giulia’s loyalty to Ogawa, who elevated her to the status of STARDOM star.

“So when Rossi was going to start, you know, Giulia was very loyal to him, and she was on board. The reason that she is delaying her WWE start is so she could at least be there to kick off the promotion for a while and get the promotion going. And then, you know, she is going to end up with WWE at some point, but when WWE was interested in her, she basically gave her word he would, she would help when he started out, and that’s what she’s gonna do. She’s actually postponing her WWE debut because she’d given her word. It’s admirable that you say you’re gonna help someone, and then you get the great offer to leave for a lot more money. And you say, ‘Well, I’ll delay my departure,'” Meltzer stated.

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