Backstage News On People In AEW Being “Really Frustrated” Over Backstage All In Footage

(Photo Credit: AEW)

CM Punk and Jack Perry’s All In incident was featured on Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite episode. This has resulted in a significant backlash from fans.

This was to add more depth to the FTR vs. The Young Bucks storyline leading up to their match at Dynasty, as the Bucks discussed their loss to FTR at All In and blamed the incident for their loss, fearing it would jeopardize AEW’s biggest event.

They questioned whether FTR was behind the incident. The footage captured the altercation between Punk and Perry. Last week, Punk discussed the incident on The MMA Hour.

Dave Meltzer, speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, discussed the internal reaction to the footage shown.

“I asked around, and the basic thing was, like, look, ‘It’s over and done with this bad chapter in the history of AEW, and it’s over. And no point when he can say whatever he wants, who cares?’ There were a couple of people who were going, like, Adam Page never got to answer back and won’t and will never answer back because he doesn’t want to be whatever. But most people just like, ‘We’re over it. It’s not part of our lives. It’s not part of our company. Forget about it.’ Now here. As soon as Tony did that, then I started to hear from people. And it was people who are just really frustrated going, like, ‘now it’s back. You know, the whole thing is back and there’s things that have happened, people have been made to look bad now, and they can’t answer back.’ And because you don’t want to, you know, it opened up a wound that needed to be closed. They need to move past this. This doesn’t do AEW, any good. I mean, if I’m Punk, I’m laughing about it. Honestly, I’m laughing about it. “