Backstage News On What People Inside WWE Are Saying About CM Punk’s Attitude

(Photo Credit: WWE)

The night of CM Punk’s return to WWE drew mixed reactions from both company employees and fans.

There were many Punk supporters within the company, but given how he left AEW, he had many doubters. Punk also had doubters during his original run, which ended in 2014.

Punk’s return was kept a closely guarded secret at Survivor Series, with only the main eventers being aware. The agreement for him to return was made ten days before he returned, which WWE officials continued to deny because so few people were aware of Punk’s return.

Mike Johnson said on a recent Pwinsider Elite show that people backstage in WWE, even those who don’t like him, have said he’s been pleasant backstage by being jovial, relaxed, happy, and joking with them. Although the angry Punk of his first WWE run may resurface as the honeymoon period wears off, he has been great to everyone so far.

As previously reported, World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins’ reaction at Survivor Series, in which he flipped off Punk and cursed him out, was storyline-related, as the two are set to feud.