Backstage News On When WWE Learned About Bobby Lashley’s Injury

(Photo Credit: WWE)

WWE had to reschedule the King of the Ring tournament due to Bobby Lashley’s injury, which has put him on the sidelines.

WWE SmackDown GM Nick Aldis announced on Thursday that Lashley had suffered an injury while training. Angelo Dawkins replaced him and faced Toma Tonga in the tournament’s first round match.

To advance, Tonga defeated Dawkins. Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select revealed in a Q&A session prior to Friday’s episode that WWE was aware of Lashley’s injury on Monday.

“Yeah, they knew he was injured as of Monday, so him being removed isn’t necessarily a big surprise within the company. Angelo Dawkins is not expected to win that match tonight, but I think it’s a good spot for him. I know a lot of people said well, Montes Ford,’ but Tanga Tanga is going to win that match. And I think it’s a good spot for Angelo Dawkins, but they knew he was sidelined.”

There is still no word on when Lashley will be back in action. We wish Lashley speedy recovery.