Backstage News On WWE Planning Big Storyline For SmackDown Star

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Rey Mysterio has been sidelined by yet another knee injury, which necessitated surgery. WWE fired him from SmackDown two weeks ago after Mysterio had recently aligned himself with Santos Escobar and other members of the LWO, including Carlito.

To write him off, Mysterio had a disagreement with Escobar, who believed Mysterio had sided with Carlito on a previous episode of SmackDown. Escobar turned heel and attacked Mysterio, knocking the WWE Hall of Famer out. Mysterio will be out for several weeks as a result of the surgery.

This week, Escobar delivered a powerful heel promo about Mysterio, prompting him to turn on the other members of the LWO before Carlito ran him off. At Survivor Series, they will face off in a singles match.

Dave Meltzer stated on Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE is planning for Dragon Lee to get involved in the program. WWE has been high on Lee since he signed with them, believing he is the next Rey Mysterio and has fast-tracked him to the main roster from NXT. He has been winning matches since joining the main roster.

“Dragon Lee’s in a program that’s coming up that’s designed for him to become….essentially something with Rey. Well, not against not against Rey. The idea is for Rey to endorse this guy as the future,” Meltzer stated.

Meltzer also stated that Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo have been approached about joining Escobar on the program.

“Los Lotharios were one of the ideas was for them to join Santos. And actually, originally, before the Rey-Santos thing, there was talk of them joining with Rey. That’s definitely been in conversations.”