Backstage Update On A Future WrestleMania Possibly Taking Place In The United Kingdom

John Cena teased the idea of a future WWE WrestleMania event taking place in London, England during the 2023 WWE Money in the Bank PLE. Regarding Cena’s comments, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter brought up the cost of running a show overseas, pointing out the following.

“The Cena interview was to attempt to create a groundswell that would lead to WWE getting significant money from the local government for bringing the event there, since nowadays they are trying to get major rights fees for Wrestlemania, and lesser numbers to come in for Summerslam and Royal Rumble, and outside North America major events and eventually probably all 12 major events.”

Alex Davies-Jones, co-chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group, spoke to the BCC and expressed support for WrestleMania coming to the UK.

Jones said, “Nobody predicted John Cena coming out and announcing the possibility of a WrestleMania in the UK. It was utterly incredible and got the whole place buzzing with excitement about the possibilities of what that could mean for wrestling fans, but also for the UK economy and also for future fans as well.”

“The APPG have already been talking about how we can help to make that happen in whatever way we can in terms of facilitating some conversations. We would use our contact and negotiating skills to try and reach out to WWE, making conversations happen to try and promote the UK as a premier destination for world-class wrestling.”

Meltzer reports that everyone in WWE knew what Cena was going to say and that it was part of their “corporate strategy.”