Big E Reveals Plans To Launch College Football Themed Show With Tom Hannifan

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Former WWE World Champion Big E appeared on an episode of the “After The Bell” podcast with Corey Graves and Kevin Patrick to discuss various topics such as how he plans to launch a brand-new show with Tom Hannifan that explores and showcases college football culture.

Big E said, “There’s a lot of people who like the talking head shows. That’s not my thing but respect to them. But there’s an aspect of sports that I really love. So I’ve had this idea for a while with our old buddy, our good buddy Tom Hannifan, who’s gone on to other pastures but we both love college football. So we both had this idea. We both love college football but I wanna take a step back and there’s so much culture behind not just college football, but all the sports when we’re talking tailgating. Most of these college football games happen in these tiny college towns like Iowa City, Tuscaloosa and they have so much rich culture, traditions, you have local eateries, there’s so many things so that’s what I wanna explore.”

“I wanna do more of that so we have this idea for a show where we go on the road and let’s say you’re going to the big Alabama-Texas game and you spend a few days in Tuscaloosa and you find the best barbeque spot and you go to the local farm that’s been around for 100 years. But just exploring why people show up. It’s not just about the game, it’s about the culture, it’s about the traditions they share and that’s what I really love so I wanna do more of that behind the Xs and Os, behind the analysis and just dig into that aspect of sports culture. And college sports is so massive, especially college football and I just feel like there’s 1,000 people talking Xs and O’s but this would be something that I think — it’s kind of an underserved part of college football coverage I think so, we’ll see.”

You can check out the complete podcast below:

(H/T to PostWrestling for transcribing the above quotes)