Blitzkrieg! Pro Wrestling “Living Proof” Recap and Review (3/22/2024)

On Friday, March 22nd, Blitzkrieg! Pro held its big event, “Living Proof.” The show is available to watch on IWTV.

The show was headlined by a massive main event that saw TJ Crawford put his Bedlam Championship on the line against Allie Katch and Sammy Diaz. We also saw Bronson square off with Krule, Brittnie Brooks in action against Gabby Forza, and so much more. Check out the full recap and review below.


Winner: CPA

In the night’s opening contest, we saw VSK go one-on-one with CPA. VSK is a former Bedlam Champion in Blitzkrieg! Pro and a couple of wins could get him right back into the title picture. On the other hand, CPA is looking to get back on track and start racking up some wins to land him back in the Bedlam Championship picture. CPA has yet to win the big one in Blitzkrieg! and a win over VSK could very well help him get back on track.

Before the match, VSK reminds CPA that the last time they faced off in Blitzkrieg, he won. He then calls him a joke of a wrestler and slaps him in the face. The match starts with CPA landing big strikes on VSK as payback for that slap. CPA does a good job of controlling the match for a good portion of the early going. The fans love it too, as CPA continues to be one of the biggest fan favorites to ever step into a Blitzkrieg! ring.

However, VSK counters CPA’s version of the 619 with a superkick and sends him crashing to the mat. VSK does a great job of controlling a good portion of this match. He toys with CPA, but this leads to CPA landing a sky-high powerbomb to get back into this match and fire himself up. Ultimately, CPA lands a Death Valley Driver on VSK to win the match. This was a fantastic opening contest to the show, and both wrestlers showed up and showed out.

Blitzkrieg Tag Team Championship match: Miracle Generation (c) vs. Ancestral Shooters vs. Delta House

Winners: AND STILL Blitzkrieg Tag Team Champions, Miracle Generation

In the next contest, Miracle Generation held an open challenge for their Blitzkrieg! Pro Wrestling Championships. The debuting Ancestral City Shooters, Kwesi Asante and Joseph Alexander answer the open challenge. Just as the match is about to get announced, Delta House (Dante Drago and Nick Robles) make their way down to the ring. They want their shot, and Miracle Generation says they are fighting champions and make the match a triple threat.

It was also announced during the introductions that this match would be contested under Lucha Rules. Asante and Dustin Waller start the match out, while Delta House makes their way around the ringside area. Kylon King and Asante land big super kicks on Robles and Drago as soon as they get back into the ring and we see some quick wrestling between the Ancestral City Shooters and Miracle Generation.

Each tag team gets to showcase their talents hugely in this match. Despite it being their debut, the Ancestral City Shooters look like they’ve been teaming up for years with how well they worked together. Delta House had a strong showing as well, showing why they can back up all their talk. However, ultimately it’s Miracle Generation who are victorious and retain their titles, continuing to show why they are easily one of the greatest tag teams on the independent wrestling scene today.

Kirby Wackerman vs. Delightful Dan The God Damn Candyman

Winner: Kirby Wackerman

In the next match, we see Kirby Wackerman take on his former tag team partner and friend, Delightful Dan The God Damn Candyman. The fans are firmly behind Delightful Dan The God Damn Candyman. After Bryce Donovan got involved at a recent show, Wackerman seemingly turned on Delightful Dan, showing a more vicious side of the once-beloved wrestler.

Dan takes the fight to Wackerman right off the bat. He lands a huge brainbuster on Wackerman and seemingly takes his time. This allows Wackerman to play possum and land a huge headbutt on his former partner. This shakes Dan, and Wackerman takes the big man off his feet and keeps the fight up against him. Wackerman targets the shoulder and neck area of Dan, continuing to remain in control.

Wackerman dissects Dan’s left arm, trying to take away one of the big man’s wings. Wackerman lands a big headbutt and pins Dan for the victory. This was a statement win by Kirby Wackerman, and we saw a much more vicious side of the once fan-favorite star. After the match, Wackerman continues the onslaught, but ECW legend, The Sandman makes the save. Sandman extends a handshake to Wackerman but ends up cracking him in the head with a kendo stick instead.

Shook Brood vs. Jake Lang & 35mm Magic

Winners: The Shook Brood

Coming up next, we see Jake Lang and 35mm Magic take on the team of the Shook Crew and Gangrel, known collectively as Shook Brood. Gangrel and the Shook Crew get a big pop from the Blitzkrieg! Pro faithful. From a fan standpoint, the Shook Brood entrance was a lot of fun, and it paid homage to one of the best factions in all of wrestling, The Brood.

Carter and Bobby Orlando start off the match for their respective teams. After having some fun with the fans, Orlando gets the better of Carter. Orlando tags in Donovan, and just as Donovan goes to attack, Carter crawls away and tags in Lang. Donovan gets the better of Lang as the match looks to be all Shook Brood. JGeorge tags in and calls for Gangrel.

Donovan obliges and tags in Gangrel. Gangrel looks great in this match, he truly is a timeless wonder. However, thanks to JGeorge faking an injury, Lang attacks Orlando from behind and turns this match around for his team. Orlando hits a massive missile dropkick to turn this match around and tags in Gangrel. After some more back-and-forth, ultimately we see Gangrel pin Lang after landing his impaler DDT to win the match for the Shook Brood. This was a very fun six-man tag team match. Seeing the Shook Crew and Gangrel team up together was just fantastic.

Scramble Match: Leary vs. Tristian Kyle vs. 50 Cal vs. Logan Black vs. Perry Von Vicious vs. The Sweeper

Winner: The Sweeper

In the first match back from intermission, we see a six-man scramble match. Leary, Tristian Kyle, 50 Cal, Logan Black, and Perry Von Vicious each make their entrance. The Sweeper makes his way down to the ring next and gets a massive ovation from the crowd. This is an interesting assortment of guys. This match features Tristian Kyle who is one of the brightest up-and-comers from Create A Pro, and the same can be said for Sweeper. 50 Cal is a very talented young gun as well.

Then you have guys like Leary, Logan Black, and Perry Von Vicious who are all proven and established veterans of the ring. The match kicks off with everyone targeting The Sweeper. Black and 50 Cal go at it, while Perry Von Vicious and Leary have a staredown. Kyle ruins this staredown by taking out Leary. Kyle tries to get the best of Perry Von Vicious, and despite a big dropkick by Kyle, it has little effect. Von Vicious drops Kyle with a massive dropkick of his own sending Kyle to the outside.

The Sweeper makes his way back into the ring, just to get thrown by Leary. Leary follows this up by throwing The Sweeper to the outside to take out everyone. He then proceeds to land a tope suicida on every competitor. After some more tremendous back-and-forth by all six men, The Sweeper hits a sunset flip and pins Leary to win the match. After the match, a big sign of respect was shown to The Sweeper from the other competitors in this match. This was a blast of a match to come back from intermission too.

Brittnie Brooks vs. Gabby Forza

Winner: Gabby Forza

This was one of the more anticipated matches of the night. In a dream match to many fans, myself included, we see Brittnie Brooks take on “Your Homie, The Gnomie,” Gabby Forza. The 19-year-old rising star, Brittnie Brooks, makes her way down to the ring first, getting a good pop from the Blitzkrieg! Pro faithful. Forza makes her way down to the ring next, getting a great pop from the fans in attendance.

Both women were given very warm reactions to this match. The potential they both have is truly astronomical, and it was a blast seeing them go at it. The match starts with Forza displaying her power against the “Center of Attention.” Forza lands a huge scoop slam on Brooks and follows this up with a huge military press. However, when Forza charges at Brooks in the corner, Brooks moves out of the way, sending Forza’s shoulder into the ring post.

This is the opening that Brooks desperately needed. Brooks does her best to ground Forza and doesn’t let up. Forza, however, lands a big discuss clothesline to change the tides of this match. After some more tremendous back-and-forth action, ultimately it’s Gabby Forza who puts Brooks away with a massive spear followed by a jackhammer to win the match. This match was a lot of fun and showcased two of the brightest up-and-comers on the independent wrestling scene today.

Dirty Bulk Bronson vs. Krule

Winner: No-Contest

In one of the final matches of the night, we saw Bronson square off with Krule. This was arguably one of the most anticipated matches of the night featuring two of the heaviest hitters on the independent wrestling scene today. Krule makes his way down to the ring first, looking as intimidating as ever before. Bronson makes his way down to the ring and gets a great pop from the fans. This could very well be the biggest test in Bronson’s entire career.

The match starts with Bronson rushing Krule into the corner and landing massive strikes. Krule quickly turns it around and gets some strikes in of his own. Bronson lands a huge German suplex on the seven-foot-tall monster. Bronson sends Krule to the outside and lands a huge tope suicida getting Krule off his feet. The two men brawl in the crowd and around the ringside area. However, when the match spills back to the ringside area, Krule lands a chokeslam on Bronson onto the apron. This stops Bronson in his tracks and quickly turns the match in favor of “The Atrocity.”

Krule remains on the attack, taunting Bronson. Bronson tries to fight back, to no avail. Finally, Bronson lands a huge lariat on Krule to change the tides of this match and only gets a two-count. Bronson lands a superplex from the top rope on Krule and both men are down. After some more great back-and-forth, both Bronson and Krule shove the ref when he tries to break up their chokehold, and the ref calls for the bell. After the match, Bronson drops Krule on a chair, sending Krule to the outside and on the retreat.

After the match, Bronson says he wants an anything-goes match with Krule. SIGN ME UP! From start to finish, this may have been my favorite match of the entire year so far. This match was two powerhouses going at it and was truly everything I hoped it would be.

Blitzkrieg! Pro Bedlam Championship match: TJ Crawford (c) vs. Allie Katch vs. Sammy Diaz

Winner: AND STILL Blitzkrieg! Pro Bedlam Champion, TJ Crawford

In the main event of the evening, TJ Crawford put his Bedlam Championship on the line against Allie Katch and Sammy Diaz in a huge triple-threat match. Diaz makes his way down to the ring first, getting a very favorable fan reaction. Katch was out next, and the same can be said for her as the Blitzkrieg! Pro fans love her, and it’s easy to see why. However, when the champion made his way down to the ring, Crawford had not made any friends lately, getting a lot of help from his fellow “Big Business” mates.

Despite his recent attitude change, Crawford’s talent remains undeniable. The match kicks off with Crawford rolling to the outside, allowing Diaz and Katch to fight it out first. This doesn’t work as Diaz gets Crawford back in the ring and is on the bad side of a double team by Diaz and Katch. However, Diaz and Katch finally square off after sending Crawford to the outside. When Crawford gets back in the ring, he lands a huge big boot across the jaw of Katch, taking her out.

When Katch makes her way back into the ring, she gets the better of Diaz, landing a low crossbody for just a two-count. Crawford lands a beautiful vertical suplex-flatliner combo on Diaz and Katch, putting the match in his favor. After some more terrific back-and-forth action, ultimately, Diaz hits a huge frog splash on Katch, but Crawford steals the pin to win the match and retain his title. This was a very fun main event and by any means necessary Crawford got the job done.