Brian Myers Thought He Suffered A Torn Pectoral In His Match At TNA Rebellion

(Photo Credit: Impact)

TNA World Tag Team Champion Brian Myers recently spoke with Bill Pritchard of WrestleZone on a number of topics including his match at Rebellion and how he thought he suffered a torn pectoral during the match.

Myers said, “Right. So, in the moment, I did a very dangerous spear on the floor with ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey. Literally, time stood still for me as I was live on pay-per-view. And I thought, ‘Did me and Matt Cardona get the same exact injury in the same week?’ I was speechless, because I thought I tore my pec.”

On what he was told by his trainer:

“The trainer checked me out, he said he didn’t think there was a tear but definitely some strength issues. He basically said if I woke up bruised, we’d be in trouble, and I woke up not bruised. So it’s just like a real bad pec strain, is what I would say. I don’t have my full strength, but I can certainly make Under Siege and be part of the main event.”

On if The System considered utilizing the Freebird rule to stay champions:

“No. [there was no discussion about that]. I’m fine. It’s been two weeks and I’ve been getting better every day. So I’m not even really concerned about it. Especially, I have two of the best wrestlers in the world as my partners. What do I got to be worried about?”