Brutus Beefcake’s Wife Tells Hulk Hogan To ‘Squash The Beef’

(Photo Credit: WWE)

It appears that two WWE Hall of Famers are having issues once again.

Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake’s wife stated on social media that her husband Brutus and Hulk Hogan are no longer speaking, but she wants them to be friends again.

It’s unclear what sparked their latest feud, but as seen in the video below, Missy Beefcake wants Hogan to call them and joked about showing up at Hogan’s Beach Shop during karaoke night. “Why don’t you pick up the phone and call your brother Bruti?” she suggested.

Hogan and Beefcake didn’t speak for many years until they reconciled in 2018, so things appear to have soured again in the last couple of years.