Chris Jericho Looks Back At Surprise CMLL Arena Mexico Appearance

Chris Jericho had a blast during his surprise appearance for CMLL last week.

In what was his first appearance in Arena Mexico in nearly two decades when he turned up at the CMLL show on June 28, “The Learning Tree” attacked Mexican wrestling legend Mistico to set up a bout between the two in the future.

“The thing I liked the best was just going there on a normal Friday night, they had about 12,000 people there, which is amazing,” he said. “The fans are just happy, they’re just excited. They cheer for the good guys and they boo the bad guys, and they’re not chanting ‘You fucked up’ and they’re not worried about how many tickets were sold or what the television ratings were, giving out star ratings whatever it was. They were just enjoying the show. It was such a refresher for me, and I really am glad that I did it.”

The longest-reigning “For The World” Champion of all-time continued, “Once again, it kind of is something from the Chris Jericho trope. You’ve got people that are chanting ‘Please retire,’ which is great [laughs], and here I got I Mexico, and it’s the number one thing in wrestling. It was on the cover of all the magazines and I think there’s was probably 15 articles on all the different wrestling sites and sports sites that Jericho had returned. So it’s a big deal, it was gonna be a great time to go there, and it gave me more momentum and excitement to come back. It’s just good to know that this worldwide history that I have, I can go back to it at any time, and now is the perfect time to go back to it. So muchas gracias, Arena Mexico, and we will see everybody there very soon.”

Check out the complete episode of Talk Is Jericho with Chris Jericho where he talks more about his Arena Mexico appearance, visit H/T to for transcribing the above quotes.