Creed Brothers On Moving To The WWE Main Roster, Being Compared To The Steiners

(Photo Credit: WWE)

WWE stars The Creed Brothers (Julius Creed and Brutus Creed) recently spoke with on a number of topics including how it has been for him and his brother Brutus since they moved to RAW in the last few months.

Julius said, “Hectic. It has been a crazy way of life for the last couple of months, but I always say I’d rather be busy than bored. You can’t complain about a full plate when your goal is to eat. It has been a whirlwind recently, but man, it has been fun.”

Julius on still working on NXT for a short while even after they were already called up to RAW:

“I don’t think we worry about that. We kind of went into the deep end a little bit a few weeks ago with the gauntlet right out fo the gate on live TV. We were thrown into it on NXT and on Raw. The way things are you just have to worry about just putting the left foot after the right foot and keep going. You want to keep progressing and keep getting better.”

Julius on being part of the new focus of tag team wrestling:

“Funny how things tend to trickle up and down between WWE and NXT and vice versa. When we first started as tag guys on TV, Brutus debuted five months into his career. That doesn’t happen all the time. We went on TV and said, “Man, tag teams aren’t getting showcased as much as we think they should.” Whether that was true or not, it’s up for interpretation. We wanted to be so undeniably good as a unit they don’t have a choice and had to use us. Over time as we got better, opportunity arose. The same thing happens when you think of the New Day and the Usos, everyone paving the way. These teams deliver every time they go out, so it creates a great opportunity and that’s why you see more tag teams showcased. We’re going to take advantage of it by going all out.”

Brutus on being compared to the Steiners:

Brutus said, “It means a lot because they are a Hall of Fame tag team. I think that a lot of people like to relate us to certain tag teams, but in the grand scheme of things we do things that people haven’t seen before. When you see stuff for the first time, you may want to relate it to other things. I take the compliment. Rick is the dog-faced gremlin, and I have the animal crawl with my gorilla stuff. I love it.”

Brutus on who has been the most helpful people to him and Julius in the locker room:

“I feel Cody Rhodes is a good leader, but everyone has been very helpful. Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston, we bond over video games. Alpha Academy, we relate with amateur wrestling. We relate to different things. It has been great getting to know these people.”