Dakota Kai Talks About Fans Questioning Her WWE Medical Status

(Photo Credit: @ImKingKota)

Dakota Kai is tired of hearing criticism about her WWE status.

The Damage CTRL member spoke about the situation during a Twitch stream, claiming she has read a lot of negative comments from fans about her ability to run and jump but not work full-length matches.

“I’m so sick of seeing people saying, ‘She can run and jump, but she’s not cleared still? No, that’s not how this works,” she said. “Obviously, I can run and jump because I’ve been doing it for the last few months, but they have a set date for when you actually get cleared because I have to still do matches, and they have to check all the boxes of when I’m actually cleared.”

Kai continued, “I’m not going to be in a wheelchair for nine months and then suddenly stand up and go, ‘I’m cured.’ That’s not how it works.”

(H/T to SEScoops.com for transcribing the above quotes.)