Deonna Purrazzo Says She Wants To Team With Britt Baker In AEW

(Photo Credit: AEW)

AEW star Deonna Purrazzo recently spoke with SEScoops on a number of topics including how she wants to team with Britt Baker in the company when Baker makes her return to action.

Purrazzo said, “It has been interesting because I think in our mind we always envisioned us being there at the same time and doing it together. That has not been the case for the last six months, so I’m very excited for whenever Brit comes back and I get to work with her on this kind of level because we never have before. Also, I want to see how she can reinvent herself and what she can do because she is one of the OG girls and has been there since Day 1 as the first woman signed. To hear her thoughts and take on the way the division has grown and the potential she sees for the future is interesting. It’s some of the same things I want for our division. It will be fun to work together and achieve that.”

On wanting to team with Baker to compete for a potential AEW Women’s Tag Team Titles:

“I think the most logical answer is Britt. I don’t know if we can have a different rendition of VXT in AEW or what that looks like. Coming from a division that had or still has a world tag team championship, it is interesting because I think more opportunities for women is amazing. I don’t think it is something you can introduce and say, ‘Here is the women’s tag team championship because you wanted it and gave it to you.’ I think there is a long process of developing real teams and having people have partnerships that are meaningful and long-lasting, especially for women. I think it’s easy to throw girls in there and say you’re a tag team. That hinders women’s tag team division a whole bunch.”

On how it takes time to build chemistry with a tag team partner:

“It takes time to build chemistry. A relationship that then you can feel through the screen. I think if there was going to be AEW women’s tag team championship, I would like to see it far out and see our tag division really cultivated and the relationship truly formed. Then maybe there is a tournament to solidify who would wrestle for the titles or who would become champion. Something more with long-term storytelling and a large format instead of just, ‘You asked for it, here it is.’”