EC3 Looks At Potential Working Relationship Between IMPACT & NWA

Could IMPACT Wrestling and the National Wrestling Alliance end up working together?

EC3 spoke about the possibility during a recent Muscle Man Malcolm interview.

“As long as I don’t have to wrestle Moose again,” he joked. “I’m kidding. [Moose is one of] my good buddies, but he hits really, really hard. But I believe in collaborations in all forms of this business. I think it needs to be done in a way too, it’s like your businesses that are in theory competitive, that it has to work for both. How does that work?”

He continued, “Sometimes you’re gonna miss out on potential things you really want to see. Like hypothetically if it was champion versus champion, how does one company sacrifice their champion because that’s making the other company look superior, and vice versa. How do you deliver a satisfying finish to fans without having some horseshit DQ or nonsensical kind of, everything remains 50/50. So I think that’s the one hill to climb when it comes to that kind of business. But then also, sometimes art is more important, creative is important, when people are willing to sacrifice for it. So it would all depend I guess on the business end.”

Check out the complete interview via the YouTube player embedded below. H/T to for transcribing the above quotes.