Former WWE Star Slams “LGBTQ+++XYZ Nutjobs,” Says He Is No Longer Accepting Public Bookings

Former WWE star Val Venis (Sean Morley) issued the following statement on his Facebook page:

“Hello wrestling fans. Just a heads up. I will finish up obligations on my next 2 appearances(I wont say when or where until the day of as the LGBTQ+++XYZ nutjobs like to threaten promoters for booking me). As of today, I will no longer be taking any further public bookings for the forseeable future. Tired of being booked & then canceled due to my political positions. Thanks.”

Morley later posted the following:

“I won’t be going away. No, no, no, NO! I just won’t be taking on any more wrestling bookings for a while. But I ain’t going away.”