Fuego Del Sol To Open “Fuego Dojo” Wrestling School In Oklahoma

Fuego Del Sol will be producing some of the Superstars of the future.

And he’ll be doing it out of the Boomer Sooner state.

The popular masked pro wrestling veteran wrote on Facebook this week about how he has had some interest in launching his own pro wrestling school based out of Oklahoma.

In an update, the former AEW star has resurfaced with a pair of updates, providing more details on his plans to open his own wrestling school.

“Thinking about starting my own wrestling school in Oklahoma,” Del Sol wrote in the initial post earlier this week. “I have a love for teaching and I truly believe I can contribute to the wrestling business in a positive way. Only issue is it may be in the middle of nowhere in Oklahoma but if I build it… will they come?”

Del Sol returned three days after the original post with more details in a follow-up post shared via his official Facebook page.

“Saw that there was a ton of interest on my post about my consideration of opening a wrestling school,” he began in the second of three posts dealing with the topic this week. “So I’ve been talking to some people and preparing a business plan and proper 3 month beginners curriculum, as well as other advanced classes and such.”

He continued, “The more I thought about it and really started developing ideas of how it could work and help the state and my area, the more it’s starting to look like a reality. Fuego Dojo coming soon…”

In the third and final post on the subject, Del Rol returned on Sunday via his official Twitter page with another update on his plans for the “Fuego Dojo.”

“Tried to talk myself out of it,” he said. “Convinced myself I wasn’t qualified yet, but looking at the options in my state I realized I have a ton of knowledge to pass on and how big of a help I could be. With the proper curriculum and mentorship from successful trainers, why not do it.”