Giulia Suffers Injury At Marigold Show Ahead Of WWE Debut

While WWE fans eagerly await Giulia’s debut with the company, she is currently working for Dream Star Fighting Marigold, the new promotion of STARDOM founder Rossy Ogawa, out of loyalty to Ogawa, who brought her fame in STARDOM.

She signed with WWE and was caught on camera attending NXT Stand & Deliver. She is expected to report to the WWE Performance Center in late June or early July. She intends to use the ring name, but there are no plans to keep her current theme song.

Her in-ring debut is scheduled for July 7th at NXT Heatwave, where she is expected to compete for one of the NXT Women’s Championships. It’s unclear if this is the Women’s Title or the NXT North American Women’s Title.

According to the announcement, Giulia was injured during the new promotion’s main event on Monday. Giulia sustained a right wrist injury during the bout, forcing her to miss the Hana Kimura Memorial Show on May 23rd and other upcoming events. Here’s the announcement:

“Giulia’s right wrist was injured in yesterday’s inaugural match. Today, her doctor examined her and diagnosed her with a fracture. Unfortunately she will miss the Hana Kimura show on the 23rd, and upcoming shows for the time being. We apologize and thank you for understanding.”

Giulia and Sareee are set to face off at Marigold’s July 13th event at Ryōgoku Sumo Hall. We wish her speedy recovery.