India’s Ever-Growing Passion for Wrestling Events

Traditional wrestling has always been a popular sport in India, and in recent years, watching major pro wrestling promotions like World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has also been on the rise. 

Famous WWE fighters like The Great Khali (aka Dalip Singh Rana), who became the WWE World Heavyweight Champion in 2007 in a 20-man battle royale match, have also helped shine a spotlight on the sport and boost its popularity. 

He was the first home-grown Indian professional wrestler to be signed by WWE and is one of the sport’s most iconic stars. Let’s dive straight in to discover more about wrestling events in India and why it’s now more popular than ever. 

Which wrestling promotions in India have helped make the sport more popular than ever?

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is not the only wrestling promotion in India to help grow the sport’s popularity. Many other similar Indian wrestling promotions are also helping bring the sport to a broader audience nationwide. 

The most notable wrestling promotions in Indian in 2023 are the following:


  • CWE – Continental Wrestling Entertainment. This one is regarded as India’s largest wrestling promotion and training school throughout India. Based in Jalandhar, Punjab, it was established in 2015 by The Great Khali
  • FFW – Freak Fighter Wrestling. This one frequently holds popular wrestling events in Sampala, Haryana
  • The Wrestle Square Promotion. This is a professional wrestling school in Northern India called JWS (Jeet Wrestle Square) with Jeet Rama and is extremely popular


Wrestling is now considered so popular in India that the World Wrestling Entertainment chiefs often try to recruit new wrestlers from India by holding regular tryouts around the country and then training potential candidates in one or more of their US-based WWE Performance Centers. 

Is it possible to bet on WWE in India?

Yes. People living in India can now bet on a wide range of combat sports (aka fighting sports), including wrestling, boxing, MMA/UFC, and certain other combat sports each time the Summer Olympics is held. 

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What are the biggest wrestling events still to come?

There are many big pro-wrestling events still to come in late 2023 and early 2024, and you can place pre-match bets on many of these events right now on the official 10CRIC Sports betting website. Some of the most notable upcoming wrestling events to keep an eye out for over the coming weeks are the following:


  • Date: December 8. Venue: Amica Mutal Pavilion, Providence, RI. Event: WWE Smackdown
  • Date: December 9. Venue: Total Mortgage Arena, Bridgeport, Connecticut. Event: NXT Deadline
  • Date: December 9. Venue: Don Kolov Arena, Toronto, ON, Canada. Event: IMPACT Final Resolution 2023
  • Date: December 11. Venue: Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse, Cleveland, OH, US. Event: WWE RAW
  • Date: December 15. Venue: Curtis Culwell Center, Garland, Texas, US. Event: ROH Final Battle
  • Date: December 15. Venue: Resch Center, Green Bay, WI. Event: WWE Smackdown
  • Date: December 30. Venue: Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Long Island, NY, US. Event: AEW Worlds End
  • Date: January 04. Venue: Tokyo Dome, Koraku, Bunkyo City, Tokyo, Japan. Event: NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 18
  • Date: December 27. Venue: Tropicana Field, St. Petersburg, Florida. Event: WWE Royal Rumble


These are just some of the major wrestling events that are coming soon, and the most hotly anticipated event is the 2024 Royal Rumble. 

Which wrestler will most likely win the WWE Royal Rumble 2023?

To find out which wrestler will most likely win the upcoming WWE Royal Rumble 2024 on January 27, the best thing to do would be to study the latest odds and then try to understand what they are trying to tell you. 

Let’s take a closer look at the latest average odds currently being offered for WWE Royal Rumble 2024. 

At the time of writing, the odds-on favourite wrestler to win the event outright is LA Knight at 3.50 in the decimal odds format, meaning the implied probability rate (IPR) of him coming out on top is 28.60%. In fractional odds, 3.50 equates to 5/2, or +250 in the American/moneyline odds format. 

Here are the latest odds for some of the other wrestlers who are also expected to make an appearance at WWE Royal Rumble 2024:


  • The Rock (the joint odds-on favourite with LA Knight) – 3.50 (decimal odds) and a 28.60% IPR (implied probability rate)
  • Gunther – 5.00, which is 4/1 (fractional), +400 (American/moneyline) and a 20.00% IPR (last year’s runner-up)
  • Drew McIntyre, Jey Uso, and Sami Rhodes – all priced at 6.00, which is 5/1 (fractions), +500 (American/moneyline) and a 16.7% IPR


Some of the other wrestlers to keep an eye out for are Cody Rhodes (last year’s winner), Damian Priest, Kevin Owens, Seth Rollings, Brock Lesnar, and Jimmy Uso. 

Final note

If you decide to place a wager on any upcoming wrestling events at 10CRIC Sports, remember to gamble responsibly by learning the odds to help you place sensible and strategic bets that are far more likely to return a profit. 

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