Jeff Hardy Making His GCW Debut Next Month

Jeff Hardy will work for GCW for the first time next month, making his first non-AEW wrestling appearance.

Jeff was written off from TV on AEW Dynamite last month after The Gunns defeated him and his brother Matt Hardy. After the match, the babyfaces were attacked by Bullet Club Gold until Ricky Starks, FTR, and CM Punk came in to save the day, setting up a match for Collision on Saturday night.

Because of Jeff’s previous arrests, he is unable to fly into Canada, which has caused AEW to cancel shows in the country in recent weeks.

According to Matt Hardy’s Extreme Life podcast, Jeff’s independent dates have been reduced.

“Jeff is just so nice of a guy where it is hard for him to say no, you know, because he is very much a people pleaser and I think part of his journey to sobriety over the last year, he has probably learned a lot and he has put his foot down some in terms of being a people pleaser, much like he doesn’t wrestle on the indie scene right now. He’s open to doing signings and cons and stuff like that, but he only wants to do two a month. He’s really put his foot down with that, and I respect that, and I’m cool with that.”

The former WWE Champion will perform at the Harpos Concert Theatre in Detroit on August 4th for the ‘My Name Is’ event. Following the performance, he will take the stage for a musical performance.