Jey Uso Is Glad That CM Punk Is Back, Talks Possible Punk vs. Roman Reigns Match

(Photo Credit: WWE)

WWE star “Main Event” Jey Uso recently spoke with Mail Sport’s Alex McCarthy on a number of topics including how CM Punk is a star and how he is glad Punk is back and how he is ready to do an angle with him.

Uso said, “In my mind, CM Punk is just a star. People are going to talk about him, so hell yeah he comes back. That’s what WWE is, no matter what we’re going to please the fans and make money – why wouldn’t you bring him in? I like the guy, man. He was here ten years ago and there was never any beef. If you’re in this profession, you have to have hard skin and be able to take critique well. You can’t get hot about any of this. So CM Punk is invited to my house, it’s all love. Let’s line it up. I’ll do an angle with CM Punk – I’m ready. I’m glad he’s back. Last time he was here I had paint on my face, I’m a different Jey Uso these days.”

He also talked about a possible match between Punk vs. Roman Reigns down the line.

“Hell yeah, the Tribal Chief is ready to put anybody and everybody down, man. CM Punk might find out just like the rest did. It’s different when you get in there with the Tribal Chief.”