Jim Cornette Wonders If Matt Hardy Was “Drunk” During Heated Twitter Exchange

As PWMania.com previously reported, Jim Cornette claimed Matt Hardy is “selling his soul” by praising The Elite, to which Hardy responded via Twitter. Cornette’s podcast host Brian Last got involved in the heated online debate with Hardy on Sunday night.

Cornette responded to Hardy’s Twitter comments during his podcast. He said, “All this emanated from Matt Hardy, does Matt drunk tweet? Everything was spelled approximately correctly. There was some questionable grammar, but that would be normal. But, he has to, late at night on a weekend, get on Twitter.

Remember folks, he’s an adult, nearly 50-years-old, telling people that they should give his grown-adult friends their flowers. They don’t praise Kenny and Matty and Nicky enough. They should give them their flowers. This is a quote.”

In the video below, Cornette and his co-host Brian Last discuss Hardy in greater depth: