Jim Ross Issues Update On His Health, Addresses Returning To AEW Dynamite, The Devil In AEW

WWE Hall of Famer and AEW personality Jim Ross recently spoke on his podcast, “Grilling JR,” about a variety of professional wrestling topics including an update on his medical condition:

“It’s pretty good,” Ross said about his health. “I got an MRI yesterday. They got to make sure that nothing was wrong with the bone in my tibia. That’s where that radiation issue is located. So I haven’t got the results back yet. I had it done yesterday. So sooner or later, we’ll get the results of that. I don’t feel like there’s anything to be worried about, but my doctor just wants to be more cautious than not. The wound is healing, but it’s just, you know, as long as this blood sugar issue is prominent, it’s going to be hard to heal. I wish we had known that a year ago. But in any event, it is what it is and I’ll just make it work. That’s always been my mantra. The wound is still there. It still hurts, but I’ve kind of gotten adjusted to it in a way, which sounds morbid as hell, but it is what it is. You got to keep fighting so I’m going to keep fighting and get past this thing.”

Being invited to call the main event for AEW Dynamite in his home state:

“I had a great time in Oklahoma. Tony Khan let me sit in on a match with the announcers which was kind of cool. Fans were seemingly happy to see me which made me feel great. So it’s all good, you know. It’s just a matter of continuing to battle, stay positive, and get to the finish line. So that’s where we’re at now. We’re en route to the finish line. We’re not there yet, but we’re closer than we’ve ever been.”

Adam Cole turning out to be the Devil in AEW:

“I was good with it. All those guys (Adam Cole, Mike Bennett, Matt Taven, Roderick Strong, Wardlow), they all need to be booked. They all need to be utilized. So that’s where we are. So you get five guys that are all important to the company. They haven’t had any strong, I don’t want to say direction, but they haven’t had an identity. It gives five guys an opportunity to quote unquote get over. All of them are good hands. They all deserve an opportunity, so run with the ball fellas. That’s what you got to do.”

Samoa Joe winning the AEW Championship:

“Joe has been, over the years, proven to be very durable and his work is believable. I’m a big Samoa Joe proponent. He’s the right man for the job. He can have good matches with just about anybody as the babyface or heel, which is important to have the ability to dance with different partners. So yea, I liked that move, I liked the fact that Joe is the champion, and I like the fact that he has the ability to work with anybody. He’s a veteran. He provides leadership. You can’t see through his work. He’s strong in that regard. So again, good for him.”