Jim Ross Set To Be Working AEW Pay-Per-Views Going Forward

The term “Sports Entertainment” appears to be a thing of the past for WWE. The announcers can now say “wrestling” again, and Jim Ross is pleased with the recent changes. He discussed this with Conrad Thompson on the latest Grilling JR podcast.

“Logical as hell,” Ross said about the decision to move away from Sports Entertainment. “I’ve never looked at pro wrestling as a negative term. I’ve always been a proponent of pro wrestling. That’s what we do. That’s what it is. Roll with it. Why not? That’s another one of the waves goodbye to Vince. We’re not doing this thing anymore. We’re gonna do pro wrestling. That’s what the business is predicated on. Any generation you look at, any territory you want to look at. It’s all predicated on the success of the live events in these territories. I’m a big believer that pro wrestling is the way to go. We do it in AEW since day 1. Tony Khan is unabashed. He’s a pro wrestling fan and a pro wrestling historian to some degree. That’s what makes it so much fun to work for Tony. He’s just a fan. He gets excited. He gets the adrenaline rush and that’s infectious.”

Ross discussed Tony Khan’s plans for him in AEW. He said, “Tony’s got me doing pay-per-views. At least that’s the plan today and I hope it stays that way because I have something to look forward to. They’re big events. That card for St. Louis, my God. That son of a b*tch is star-studded. man. It’s like a major major pay-per-view, which it’s what it is.”

Ross recently signed a new deal with AEW that will keep him with the company for at least another year. Ross stated on a recent podcast that this is likely his final year as a wrestling announcer.

(h/t to WrestlingNews.co for the transcription)