Jim Ross Wants To Remain With AEW For The Foreseeable Future

Jim Ross is happy with his deal with All Elite Wrestling.

During the latest installment of his “Grilling J.R.” podcast, the WWE Hall of Fame legend and AEW commentator spoke about his AEW contract status and how he wants to remain with the company for the foreseeable future.

“I’m very blessed,” Ross said. “Tony Khan has answered a lot of my prayers and I hope to continue working for AEW for the foreseeable future. That’s our goal, that’s Tony’s goal, that’s my goal. Tony and I had a nice chat about my contract last week at TV. Things are moving along well in that regard. I’m sure that between Barry Bloom, my agent, and the legal department at AEW that they’re going to get something worked out. That’s my belief, I’m being positive and optimistic.”

Ross continued, “This is the best scenario for me that I can imagine, working for a young company where when you go to work you feel invigorated, you feel excited, you’re around a lot of great, young talent who want to be stars and this group of talent, boy they work their asses off.”

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