Johnny Gargano Speaks Out About Today’s WWE NXT

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Despite his departure from WWE NXT, Johnny Gargano remains vigilant about the product as he advances on the main roster under the Raw brand, where he has rejoined Tommaso Ciampa in a tag team.

Gargano was asked on the Battleground Podcast who he wants to work with from NXT. Among those he mentioned was Carmelo Hayes.

“I think they have done absolutely fantastic with their stories and what they’ve been doing.” He also mentioned Wes Lee, whom he thinks has done an outstanding job.

For years, many fans have considered Gargano to be the heart and soul of NXT due to his extensive body of work in the brand. While he is no longer on the roster, he is closely monitoring the product.

“There’s so much great talent in NXT. Literally, I watch the product every single Tuesday night,” Gargano stated. “If you were going to think, because I’m not a part of that brand anymore, I don’t care, but literally, like NXT will always be in my blood, it’s always going to be a place that I deeply, deeply care about and something I keep track of every single week. I’m a viewer every single Tuesday night, I promise, and I enjoy what they’re doing out there. I feel like they’re hitting their stride. They’re having absolutely fantastic television.”

He referred to Ilja Dragunov as a great NXT Champion and recalled being at the Performance Center a month ago and telling him that he had taken that mantle and proudly carried it.

You can check out the complete interview below:

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