Juice Robinson & Jay White React To AEW Collision Loss, Send Message To CMFTR

FTR better keep a tight grip on their AEW World Tag-Team Championships.

That is, if you believe the words of “Switchblade.”

Jay White and Juice Robinson spoke in an AEW digital exclusive interview backstage at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois after teaming with Samoa Joe and losing to CM Punk and FTR in the Trios main event of the debut episode of AEW Collision.

Featured below are some of the highlights.

On CM Punk: “CMFTR. CMFTR. A lot of letters getting chanted tonight at the United Center. Two letters more than the rest. CM, followed by that word ‘Punk’. CM Punk. CM Punk. Mr. Punk, been around a long time, but finally you got your moment with the Catalyst of Professional Wrestling. On that note, Mr. Punk, I still haven’t got my thank you from you for having this stage to return to in the first place. Like I said, Mr. Punk, without me, there is no AEW.”

On FTR: “FTR, Dax, Cash, be very careful with what you do with those championship belts. Be very careful where you wave them. You see, you’re waving them in front of our faces, and they’re mighty tantalizing. Everything we touch, everything I touch turns to gold. If I wanna touch, if we wanna touch, if Bullet Club Gold wants to touch the AEW tag team division, it’ll turn into gold for the Bang Bang Gang. That ends with FTR lying down flat, looking up at the sky, Bang Bang Gang high-rollers keeping the guns up high.”

Check out the complete interview via the tweet embedded below courtesy of the official AEW Twitter feed. H/T to Fightful.com for transcribing the above quotes.